Her Bid On The Price Is Right Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons…


If you’ve ever had a nightmare about face-planting on national television while appearing on The Price Is Right, consider this your trigger warning.

Over the many decades of slightly wrong The Price Is Right bids, none that we can recall is quite as painful as a recent loss by a deeply unfortunate woman named Jennifer. She came to the show perhaps hoping to leave with the keys to a new car or some other nice stuff for her home. She left the Showcase segment as one of the most excruciating examples of a game show loss we’ve ever seen.

Contestants compete against one another by spinning a giant wheel in order to take home a bundle of prizes. After they’ve seen the first batch of Showcase prizes, they can either pass it on to the other contestant or they can keep it for themselves and guess the price in order to win.

Jennifer decided to keep the Showcase, which featured a video camera, a home theater, and a Nissan Versa (not a bad haul), guessing $23,294. Her opponent Robert was over by $6,083, so it seemed like Jennifer was about to taste the sweet relief of victory. However, all of those dreams came crashing down when host Drew Carey drawled out “The actual retail price is 23 thousand… two hundred… ninety… one.” She was over by just three dollars. The devastation is real.

Jennifer crouches down behind the podium and stands back up with a hand over her forehead and an expression of stunned disbelief.

Carey congratulates Robert, who runs off to get his prize, and suggests Jennifer enjoy some ice cream or any other comfort food that might help take the sting off her loss. “That was… crushing,” Carey says as Jennifer exits the stage.

According to AWM, fans of The Price Is Right shared their reactions to the video in the comments on YouTube. Here’s what some people had to say about the close call that Jennifer had.

“That was painful & brutal,” wrote one fan.

Another shared, “$3 dollars over? And I still used to think $11,999 was even worse at one point.”

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM