Her Dentist Made A Horrible Mistake And Now Nothing Will Be The Same Again…


A woman has revealed that her life totally went upside down after a knock-off filler procedure given to her by a dentist in Brazil went horribly wrong.

Shocking images show how the face of Mariana Michelini was left scarred and deformed by the botched facial harmonization procedure. Facial harmonization uses non-surgical procedures such as botox and hyaluronic acid filler to modify facial features.

The procedure was carried out on Mariana, who was then working in a pharmacy, by a dental professional in Matao, south-eastern Brazil, in December 2020. A shocking photo taken after the procedure shows her face bloated, swollen and covered in stitches.

Mariana, now aged 34, had undergone the procedure in exchange for her advertising the dental professional’s services on social media.

She had assumed hyaluronic acid had been used, but a dermatologist found in June last year that she had actually been injected with polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).

PMMA fillers have been associated with severe complications, such as chronic inflammation, fibrotic nodules, skin yellowing, and eyelid malposition.

Mariana, who recently sued the professional who injected her, documented the entire ordeal on her social media account – in an effort to make sure no one else has to go through it.

“I’m suffering a lot, but I have faith that justice will be served. I don’t want other people to go through this,” she told Newsflash recently. “My life has stopped. I’m psychologically broken. I just want my face back.”

Mariana claimed that her skin had become ‘lifeless with no nutrients,’ and that doctors believed she was suffering from something called withdrawal from the chemical.

In August 2021, Mariana revealed that she had gotten surgery in an attempt to fix her face, with a doctor going under her skin and removing as much of the substance as he could, while still ‘maintaining her structure.’

“I’ll heal. I’m still swollen, but soon I’ll be brand new,” she updated her followers at the time. “My face is feeling a lot better. Soon all this nightmare will pass, in the name of Jesus.”


However, according to AWM, things did not go well.

“The stitches did not hold. I feel ashamed. I don’t leave the house anymore. I feel pain,” she added. “I just want JUSTICE. I ask for your prayers.”

She continues to receive treatments to help fix her deformed face.

“More hyperbaric chamber sessions for tissue regeneration and healing. The road is long, but victory is certain, I believe.”

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