Hillary Humiliated MASSIVELY In Pennsylvania


Oops. It wasn’t supposed to go like this. The recount was supposed to install Hillary in the oval office as if we were some backwater banana republic.

But something strange is happening.

Hillary keeps getting humiliated. First, in Wisconsin where Trump has increased his lead. Next, in Michigan where in democratic strongholds like Wayne County the ballots and voters don’t match, i.e. Hillary’s tried to stack the vote in minority areas.

It is so bad, and they are so busted, that Michigan has refused to recount the obvious fraud. If they did Trump’s lead would also increase not decrease.

Now Pennsylvania is jumping on the Hillary humiliation tour.

Philadelphia, her only hope to make up enough votes to change the outcome just released their recount numbers. Hillary got a whopping 5 more votes.

5 more. Jill Stein and Donald Trump saw no change to their official numbers. This effectively ends Hillary’s humiliation tour. Please go away and leave us alone Hillary. You’ve done enough damage.

Particularly upset about these low numbers is Jill Stein. She has raised millions off giving hope to distraught Clinton supporters — you know the line… a liberal is the sucker born every minute.

In order to keep up her racket, she had to sue Pennsylvania in federal court — because PA refused to do a statewide recount calling it a waste of taxpayer money she appealed to the feds.

Her strategy was to find a bunch of uncounted Hillary votes in Philly to show the judge and make him order a state-wide recount.

That ain’t gonna happen now. Jill Stein’s money train is over. And with it Hillary’s humiliation tour.

According to City Commissioner Al Schmidt, the five extra votes that Clinton garnered came from:

“Paper provisional or absentee ballots that were undetected by the optical scanner that counted votes in the days following the election.  Which could happen when people don’t mark their choices clearly, or use a green highlighter instead of a pen or pencil. “People do ridiculous things… all the time.”

Like these 3 recounts. Imagine what good they could have done with all that money.

5 votes. Embarrassing. It’s a disgrace.

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  1. If the main reason for the recount was to check the accuracy of the machines, voter fraud or interference from the Russians, then it’s a good thing that the results show everything was working so well.

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