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Director Comey shocked everyone on the planet when he said he was going to open up the Hillary investigation, but then Judicial Watch turned around and slapped him with a lawsuit for ignoring a Freedom of Information Act request, according to AllenBWest.com.

On July 7, the organization filed for the release of all documents concerning the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch.

As you may recall, Bill and Loretta had a little chat on the back of plane on June 27.

Days later, Comey went in front of America and told us all why he would NOT be indicting Hillary Clinton.

This was done even though he laid out what most Americans thought was a clear-cut case against Hillary.

Moments after his decision was announced, social media blew up with accusations of either corruption or fear against Comey.

Of course, now we find out, with the Wikileaks releases, that it looks like Comey and company must have made their minds up prior because they sure didn’t actually read these emails!

A blind man would have been able to figure out Hillary was guilty, yet Comey’s crew could not get it right after thousands of hours of manpower and months of “investigating.” Few people other than Hillary loyalists thought his decision was in the best interests of our country, especially considering the fact she is running for President.

Today, Comey took a step in the right direction by announcing he was going to re-open the investigation based on information that was found in another case. Personally, I could care less why he re-opened it, I am just glad he did it!

Now, having announced he was going after her again, Comey has to come up with the goods. For him to do this, he MUST have enough info to sink her or he is going to look like a fool.

If he gets back in front of the cameras and says Hillary is innocent again, he will look like a grandstander that was trying to save face in eye of the public.

Mr. Comey, We the People expect to see her on trial very soon!

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