HORRIFIC Video Exposes VA Employee Attacking Hospitalized Veteran!


In a now-viral video, a Veterans Affairs employee was caught choking, kicking, and body-slamming a 73-year-old Vietnam vet.

Based on the 30-second surveillance video that was first released by WSB-TV on April 28, it appears that the victim may have made first contact with the VA worker with his left hand. Whether that justified the alleged beatdown that followed is another matter entirely.

WSB-TV investigative reporter Justin Gray filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to acquire the surveillance video of the physical confrontation.

The Veteran victim was 73-year-old Phillip Webb who was reportedly attacked by  VA employee Lawrence F. Gaillard Jr. at the Veterans Affairs Clinic at Fort McPherson in Atlanta.

“He was Mike Tyson-ing me there,” the victim claimed.

The video was previously hidden from the general public until a FOIA request by reporter Justin Gray brought the video to light.

You can watch the attack here:

More details of the story from MSN:

Disturbing video shows the moments a Veterans Affairs’ employee pushed an elderly Vietnam veteran into a door and body-slammed him to the ground.

Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Justin Gray first reported on the attack in May. Phillip Webb, 73, said he was attacked at the Department of Veterans Affairs Clinic at Fort McPherson in Atlanta on April 28.

Gray had to file a Freedom of Information Act request and wait more than a month and a half to get the surveillance video, which shows a VA patient advocate viscously hit and kick Webb.

VA employee Lawrence F. Gaillard Jr. was arrested and charged with the brutal beating.

On Monday, Gray showed Webb the video of the moment he was assaulted.

Webb said he doesn’t remember much about the attack.

Following the attack, Webb was hospitalized for three days with a brain bleed.

The VA issued a statement: “We are horrified at the video of a V.A. employee assaulting a Veteran at the Atlanta VA Health Care System on April 28. This disturbing behavior is contrary to our core values of treating Veterans with the dignity and respect they deserve. We take this matter seriously and will cooperate fully with Fulton County law enforcement.”

Sources: WLT, MSN, WSB-TV