Interesting Facts About Donald Trump You Probably Never Knew


69 year old Donald Trump became the political apprentice for the Republican presidential nomination. Regardless of the damage to his own reputation and the Republican Party, he’s rattling the GOP by firing off shocking and provocative sound bites to keep his name and face in the news.

Because of his controversial and inflammatory remarks – denouncement of news reporters and insults of immigrants, he’s been on the cover of almost every news outlet.

These facts are less known about Trump.



Donald’s brother, Fred, died from alcohol and that’s why he never used drugs, smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol.


In the morning, he dries his hair forward and then combing it backward.


In 2007, Trump and Vince McMahon entered into a bet. Both of them chose a pro-wrestling representative to fight on their behalf. The billionaire who lost the fight had to shave his head.


In 2007, as producer of NBC’s The Apprentice, Trump received the honor for his role.



The only candidate with his own monopoly game is Trump.

At the age of 13, he was sent to the New York Military Academy because of his aggressive and boisterous behavior.

Trump wrote in his book: “After 7 years, people are starting to question underneath that smile whether there’s anything.”

Trump was also a member of the movement that questioned the birthplace of President Obama. To back up his accusations, he sent investigators to Hawaii.

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