Ladies, Thank Joe Biden: There’s Now A Tampon Shortage…


One thing is constant in Joe Biden’s America: record-breaking shortages.

Tampons have reportedly been scarce lately amid shortages, including chip and baby formula, that have affected consumers.

If the Biden administration handles this like they did the baby formula shortage, there will be a lot of angry women out there in the coming months.

Evidence of the shortage has been growing on social media and forums, though data mapping out the course of the shortage has yet to be compiled. Frustrated women have shared their trouble finding their preferred menstrual products on Twitter and Reddit, often including photos of empty shelves at big-box retailers such as CVS and Walgreens.

In a recent statement, manufacturer Procter & Gamble, the company that makes Tampax tampons and Always pads, said some consumers at the moment might be unable “to find what they need.” NBC News reported Friday.

Of course, it’s always been a supply chain issue that causes this shortage, plus we are under the inept leadership of an old dementia man.

And since the start of Biden’s presidency, tampon prices have gone up a whopping 10%.

 Axios gives us more details of this report:

People in search of tampons and other period products are finding sparsely stocked store shelves and higher prices, CNN reports.

Popular retailers CVS and Walgreens, as well as major manufacturer Proctor & Gamble, acknowledged a shortage for tampon and other period products and said they are working to meet consumer demand as soon as possible, per CNN.

The big picture: Supply chain issues and historically high inflation have affected all manner of goods. Tampon prices are up roughly 10% from a year ago, Bloomberg reports, while the cost of menstrual pads has risen more than 8% during the same period.

Contributing to the rising prices is an uptick in the cost to make the products. Materials manufacturers need – cotton and plastic – have been in high demand for use in personal protective equipment since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CBS added a few details of another shortage we are experiencing right now:

Supply-chain snarls are hitting the feminine care aisle, with women venting on social media about how hard it is to find tampons in stores right now.

On Twitter, #tamponshortage is trending, with some users calling it the latest “nightmare” for women after the Food and Drug Administration acknowledged widespread shortages of baby formula. Individuals and not-for-profit groups that collect donated feminine care products are also complaining of empty shelves where the monthly essentials are usually stocked.

“I thought I was going crazy noticing empty shelves where tampons should be,” one Twitter user said.

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