LATEST: Hillary Emerges For The First Time In Days Only To Prove In New Video She Is NOT WELL AT ALL


Hilllary Clinton emerged from hiding to hold her first public rally in nearly two weeks on Labor Day, but her campaign may be regretting it, as a viral video of the event once again raised major concerns about Clinton’s obvious health problems.

On Labor Day she came to Cleveland to give a speech, but instead she started coughing uncontrollably, struggling for breath, and barely able to get her words out, as she has done so many times for more than 8 months on the campaign trail.

“Boy, we have 63 days to go,” Clinton croaked, before coughing some more. Tim Kaine, Clinton’s running mate, sat awkwardly behind her, trying at times to rally her supporters. Aides looked horrified as the cameras caught her astonishing fit that lasted for 4 minutes and 22 seconds:

Clinton took several swigs from a tall glass of water and eventually unwrapped and put in her mouth a pill, presumably a throat lozenge, in her unsuccessful effort to put a stop to her coughing fit.

Clinton’s health is fast becoming a major issue in the campaign. CNN’s Dr. Drew Pinsky has raised “grave” concerns, and so has Barack Obama’s own physician.

And the contrast with a physically-robust Donald Trump could not be more striking.

During the same 7 days that rival Donald J. Trump appeared before nearly 200,000 people, and traveled to Mexico and Phoenix to give two speeches within hours, the Democrat presidential nominee has made all of two appearances. The last was in front of the American Legion the day Trump visited Mexico City, and a public rally in Cleveland Monday afternoon.

During that long public absence, questions about Hillary’s health have continued to swirl, with even her lapdog media unable to contain it.


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