Viral WTF

In Brazil, there is video footage that shows one man preparing to start a fight. He removes his shirt and starts back and forth fuming with anger.

But the Brazilian woman who was standing by completely steals the show when she stops what could have been a violent fight by taking the man down with her legs.

After watching the man nearly get into a fight, the woman puts herself in harms way to calm him down and prevent his anger from allowing him to do something he’d regret.

At first, the small woman grabs the man around his waist and tries to calm him.

But after a minute, she realizes that the man could not be stopped with just words.

So the woman took down the angry man as the audience surround them shouts in completely shock.

She wraps her legs around the larger male and takes him down to his back with no struggle. The woman then wraps her legs around his upper body and pins him to the ground.

In the video, you can see the man tapping out as the woman puts him into submission in front of everyone.

It’s unclear whether the woman practices mixed martial arts or jujitsu, but she seemed to have the skills to subdue a large man.

Watch the clip below and see why the internet can’t stop talking about this video!



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