LISTEN: M*slim Terrorist Kidnaps and Murders HUNDREDS of Children. You Will CRINGE When You Hear What He Has To Say About It

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Some people repent of their crimes. Others not so much. Such is the case regarding Nurpashi Kulayev, a Muslim terrorist who assisted in kidnapping and murdering hundreds of children in the 2004 terrorist attack at an elementary school in Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia. Speaking from his prison cell, he said that he doesn’t regret what he did:

Nurpashi Kulaev, the only surviving terrorist from the group that attacked a school in Russia’s town of Beslan 10 years ago, leading to the deaths of 186 children, told RT Documentary he was just obeying orders and had no remorse for what he had done.

“I don’t feel guilty that women and children died,” he said. “But I can say neither I nor anyone else could have saved them. Because the decisions were made by other people.”

Kulaev has been serving a life sentence for being part of the terrorist group responsible for the September 2004 Beslan tragedy, which took a total of 334 lives.

The terrorist might sound confident, while not actually feeling that way, said Alevtina Luchnikova, the senior psychologist at the penal colony Kulaev is kept in.

“When I talked to him, he confessed he often has nightmares. He sees blood coming from the walls,” she told RT.

“A terrorist’s logic is distorted,” the psychologist added. “It’s based on emotions, there’s no common sense left. They believe in some mission based on some religion which is also distorted. I don’t know any religion that would approve of murdering children.” (source)

But there is a religion which sanctifies the murder of the innocent. That religion is Islam. It has been doing this for 14 centuries. It has not stopped now, and so long as it remains, it will continue its wrath against the world for the sake of itself, including the most innocent.


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