A Man Challenged a “BADASS” Navy SEAL to a Grappling Match…Here’s How That Went Down


Jocko Willink is a warrior.

His resume is insane. He’s a legendary Navy SEAL who served this country with honor and valor for two decades and a 230-pound mixed martial arts black belt with over 20 years of training. He owns Victor MMA in San Diego with Dean Lister and also hosts the highly popular “Jocko Podcast.”

To put it bluntly, Jocko is the very definition of a “badass.”

Photo courtesy of Jocko Willink

For some reason still unclear to me, I decided to “challenge” Jocko to a grappling match. It was initially suppose to be a “fitness challenge,” but his counter suggestion was a grappling match and I accepted.

I soon regretted this decision. I’m roughly 180 pounds with two days of MMA training and nothing but CrossFit to claim as my fitness credentials.

But this grappling match had to happen, whether I liked it or not. And because I am a man of the people, the match — or beatdown — was streamed live on Facebook for your viewing pleasure.

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