Man Works As Janitor For 15 Years Straight And Sends All 5 Of His Kids To College


When you first meet Fred Vautour, you might not see anything memorable about him. He’s been working the graveyard shift at the Robsham Theater at Boston College for the past 15 years. Even though it’s a painstaking job, Fred remains steadfast in his mission to put his 5 children through college. You see, Fred could have never afforded a college education for his five children. However, because Fred is a employee of Boston College, he was able to reduce the price of each of his child’s college education to around $3,000 a year.

Because of this, Fred knew it would be possible to put all his children through college. So he didn’t stop working. Fred says,

“It gave me a reason to be here. I used to joke with the vice president that I’d actually work for nothing because my kids are here because of that perk. I could care less if they even gave me a raise because my kids came here.”

Alicia, one of Fred’s daughters, had this to say about her father’s sacrifice,

“When I tell people my dad is a custodian here, they are dumbfounded that all five of us were able to come here. I definitely feel like I appreciate being here more than some of my friends do.”


BC Spokesman Jack Dunn said that while employees’ children receive discounts for tuition, they still must gain admission based on their academic and personal achievements. Jack said,

“The bottom line is that Fred had smart kids.”

It’s wonderful to hear that a hardworking man who had a dream to put his five children through college was able to achieve it. How is Fred going to feel once they’re all graduated?

“I think with each kid, he just got more and more proud,” Alicia said. “It will be interesting to see on graduation day. I’m sure he’s going to have tears of joy that we’ve all made it through.”

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