Michelle Obama Just Made A Major Announcement About 2020 Election

US News

Just days after Hillary Clinton lost the presidency; liberals are already pushing for Michelle Obama to run in the next election.


That would be a complete nightmare, but we may not need to panic yet. According to one of President Obama’s top advisers, that isn’t likely to happen.

David Axelrod, regarded as one of the key players in Barack Obama’s win in 2008, said that Michelle will probably stay clear of public office.


“I would bet everything I own against that prospect,” Axelrod said. “She is not someone who loves politics at all. And I don’t think she’s really out there as a political figure now. She’s out there because she feels passionately about the choice here.”

Axelrod also said that while the first lady has been giving speeches, she is more concerned with her own life.

“I honest think she’s gonna be very happy to get her life back when this is over and recede a little bit from the public,” he concluded.


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  1. I’d LOVE for this horrible woman to run for office, any office. She would guarantee a victory for the republican opponent. What a disaster. Bring it on Mooochelle!

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