Mother Tries To Calm Her Fussy Baby, But Keep Your Eyes On What The Cat Does!


I don’t care how great of a parent you are, there’s probably been a time as a parent where you honestly couldn’t calm down your baby. What did you do in that scenario? Check to see if the baby’s diaper was changed? Try feeding them? What if you did nothing at all? Sometimes, being a great parent means letting others help you out…

A baby girl was throwing a small fuss one night after dinner. Mom was about to intervene, when she noticed the family cat sitting next to the baby.

Even though the family dog passed by without giving the baby a glance, this cat knew she had a responsibility to the baby.


Watch what happens when the cat decides to step in to see if she can calm the baby down. I don’t want to spoil what happens, but let me tell you that the interaction between this cat and baby is just plain adorable!


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