Nearly Three Dozen Top Democrats Have Announced They Are Packing It In!


Consider a House of Representatives that isn’t controlled by socialists. Well, we won’t have to wait long for that, as Republicans are expected to sweep the midterm elections.

Nancy Pelosi, the current House speaker, had her sham January 6 committee but sadly Pelosi’s bs subpoena game is not working and now, Pelosi has more bad news. A lot of her socialist foot soldiers are abandoning her.

In total, 55 members of Congress will not seek re-election, including 6 senators and 49 representatives.

And among the 49 members of the House not running for re-election, 32 are Democrats. According to recent estimates, 32 Democrats are planning to leave politics before the 2022 midterm elections, compared to only 23 Republicans.

With dismal polling numbers and the discovery that the GOP is in the strongest position it has been in decades to regain the country, November is shaping up to be a difficult struggle for Democrats.

According to a new report:

The 55 retiring members include 32 Democrats and 23 Republicans, accounting for 11.9% of the Democratic caucus and 8.8% of the Republican caucus. The 11.9% retirement rate among Democrats is the largest since 2014 when 8.5% of Democrats did not run for re-election.

The 8.8% retirement rate among Republicans is the second-lowest since 2014. The only year with a lower retirement rate was 2016 when 8.6% of Republicans retired. Democrats had their lowest retirement rates out of the past five cycles in 2018 and 2020, when 7.4% and 3.4%, respectively, of the caucus did not seek re-election.

Republicans had their highest retirement rates out of the past five cycles in those years, with 12.6% of the caucus retiring in 2018 and 11.5% in 2020.

Some Democrats were sounding the alarm about the likelihood of losing the House as early as last year.

Of course, we’re keeping an eye on Biden’s agenda. It has brought America to its knees. This is precisely why the Democrats will lose the House.

As Democrats smell their defeat coming. Surely Pelosi does too.

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