Obama To American Businesses: Install Muslim Prayer Rooms Or Expect To Be Prosecuted

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Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has been slowly trying to get the United States to submit to Shariah law. Now, he’s come one step further to this goal, as experts are warning Americans to expect corporate employers and even small businesses to start putting Muslim prayer rooms in their office spaces.

“One of the main needs is prayer rooms,” Bloomberg News’ Carol Hymowitz said in a recent interview. “Devout Muslims pray as many as three times a day during the work day.”

“They also want tolerance in terms of their dress,” she added, according to Bizpac Review, meaning we’ll be seeing a lot more burqas and hijabs at work.

“They don’t want to be wearing that and suddenly be accused of being a terrorist,” Hymowitz said.

Businesses will reportedly start doing this due to the growing number of lawsuits that are being filed by the Council of Islamic Relations (CAIR) on the behalves of Muslim workers.

“The atmosphere is so toxic now that even having constitutionally protected religious accommodation in the workplace can somehow be controversial,” said Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Businesses now see it as in their best interests to make sure their Muslim workers are happy.

“The value you get back from an employee who feels welcome and accommodated for their religious practices is immeasurable,” Michelle Phillips, an employment law attorney, told Bloomberg News. “If employers don’t start taking these issues seriously, and put in measures to ensure that no one is subject to harassment, we’re going to see more claims.”

However, don’t expect to see Christian or Jewish prayer rooms in American businesses anytime soon, since that would be “offensive” to Muslims…

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0 thoughts on “Obama To American Businesses: Install Muslim Prayer Rooms Or Expect To Be Prosecuted

  1. I am sorry but my answer is NO WAY. if you want to pray then do it on your lunch hr. or breaks. there is 3 times aday. as for a special room NO WAY. find somewhere that is comfortable to you, but do not expect the employer to meet your every demand. you came to North America, knowing full well of our ways. you do not see other religions intruding on other people. so grow up, get with it, or get out. simple. we wont miss you one little bit. .

  2. This is against the law, not to mention unconstitutional. It is also a liability to insurance companies.

  3. Remember you are American behave like it don’t be a coward and bend.you mite have face something worse then the Goverment if you have to burn the bossiness.

  4. What an absolute wagon load of steaming horse shit.we can always deport all the refugees and not have to worry about this bs.why liberal choose to not acknowledge what old Hussein is trying to accomplish is one of the great universal mysteries.as their numbers in crease and they vote more of their ilk into office you will see our rights and liberty erode even faster.a Clinton presidency will further this agenda.and the best part is it is going to get much worse.

  5. Fuck off Obama! Ill install a Christian church before I would a place for the sick pervert s of Islam!

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