According to the Wall Street Journal, President Obama is now attempting to latch onto Trump’s term as president by inserting himself into his long-term plans.

Apparently, Obama will “spend more time with his successor than presidents typically do” to provide him with additional guidance.

After their initial meeting, Obama said he felt “the Republican needs more guidance,” The Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter, and would plan to “spend more time with his successor.”

We view this as Obama trying to put his nose where it does not belong. We need to get the liberal agenda OUT of the White House. There’s no need for Obama to infect Trump with his left wing views.

Do you think Obama should LEAVE The White House permanently?
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  1. After Mr. Trump is sworn in, you are out. Your input is not wanted or needed. I hope he’s permanently banned from the WH.

  2. Obama needs to vacate the oval office and DC. He is not wanted or needed. Eight years is enough.

  3. Obama needs to STFU and leave Trump and America alone. We’ve had enough of his destruction!

  4. How can a lying, cheating, disgusting, human who has tried to destroy our country even think he can help the new president

  5. He should have left the white house a long time ago. Get out and let the Republicans make their own mistakes if there are any, just like the democrats did by letting him over stay his welcome. There should be NO CRIMIANLS IN OUR WHITE HOUSE, PRESIDEND OR ANY OTHER OFFICE IN D.C

  6. Mr. Trump has been elected by the American people and WE the People do not need Mr. Obama’s input on anything. He had his chance and failed miserably. Leave and do not come back!

  7. Says the community organizer and book author. Will we ever know who his puppeteers were? J/S

  8. Why would President Trump need advice from you? Please leave as soon as possible. You have done so much harm to the USA.

  9. America said No to Mr. Obama’s policies. In landslide fashion. Enough of DC corruption. Enough of anti american sentiment. Enough racism against ANYONE (Whites included) Enough Globalism. Enough CLimate change lies. Enough Liberalism. Time to think with our BRAINS for a change. America first!

  10. Get Obama out of the way. I’m not smart enough to tie my shoes but I think I could do better than Obama. Let Trump do his job. His staff is smart enough to help where needed.

  11. Obama want to protect against the Trump administration finding out how corrupt the Obama / Hillary regime really are…. Look at the wealth they created for themselves virtually impossible ok their salaries. Crocked to the core!

  12. Obama needs to get on with his life after Trump is sworn in. As far as any guidance, Mr. Trump has already done more good for the American people since winning the nomination than Obama has done in his entire 8 year term. Since America is actually more of a “business” and Mr Trump being a successful businessman, I don’t think he needs nor wants any advice from a community organizer. Obama thinks more of himself than a majority of the American people and to be quite frank he has a lot of nerve to think he speaks for what’s best for the country, not everyone is ignorant of his treasonous ways.

  13. I still say Trump will take care of the business end of things and Pence will guide him on the politics, he sure as hell don’t need Obummers failed Ass teaching him anything.

  14. With the mess Obama has made why would Trump need him for anything, hopefully he shows him to the exit permanently.

  15. Trump will have a good team,Obama ,go home nobody needs your help,you screwed the country,go back to Kenya.

  16. Trump does not need your inputs, go home you were a failure as a president, do you understand? Trump is smarter than you will ever bem

  17. I voted for Donald Trump. I don’t want to hear obama. I don’t want to see obama. I want him arrested and tried for treason against the USA!

  18. Obama the people do not want you to spend anymore time with Our president. Once president Trump takes office we ask that you leave the White House and office upon Donald Trump is sworn in as president. Do not waste time trying to help Donald can handle all things needed to be check without your assistance.

  19. This may surprise BO , but Trump/Pence do not need any ideas or suggestions from him. He needs to leave the WH in Trumps hands. Go away! Your time is up!

  20. Get bho OUT of the White House as soon as Donald Trump is sworn in. There’s absolutely NO REASON for bho to be hanging around, he had his chance and he BLEW IT!!!

  21. If he gives Trump any advice I would advise Mr Trump to burn it and do the opposite. We’ve had enough of Obamas advice.

  22. President Donald J. Trump please do not let Obama into the White House after the inauguration. He is try to worm his way in to try to run your business. He did nothing in 8 years but now wants to stay in the White House.

  23. Obama lose his mind, President Trump is too smart that he need no shit from Obama.like previous democrat ex presidents don’t know that they are done, go home not body need your ideas stay out of public.

  24. Obama save the last shred of dignity and exit the W House. Leave quietly and don’t look back. No one needs the exwife in the middle of the new couples bed. Adios!

  25. Obama is the LAST person who should be mentoring Trump. He is the reason that Killary lost as THE PEOPLE didn’t want more of the last 8 years. Give it up Obummer and leave this country pronto. WE ARE SICK OF YOUR EGO.

  26. Trump has surrounded himself with the brightest and capable he certainly doesn’t want to tarnish his first term by taking any advice from Obama. He is the person who has created this mess.

  27. Absolutely. It would be interesting to know what other presidents have done. Maybe president Obama should be inviting him to the White House and also having President elect Trump’s first reports meet with existing first reports. PO President Obamas first reports may share they may not, either way nothing ventured nothing gained. PET President Elect Trump is a experienced business man with top first reports and they will make the transition and be very successful.

  28. Oh one more thing what bothers me since DJT win of election he become way to soft forgiving diplomatically a giving unnecessary compliments like “they’re good people” ?! What the hell is that ?! We fight against this evil and no broken promises pls

  29. Trump needs no advise from this traitor. There is nothing Obama knows that will help Trunp. Come January 20th you , Obama are gone forever thank God.

  30. I like that permanently banned. If I was Trump I would tell Obama that, don’t show up at that gate ever again.

  31. Obama
    should leave what makes him think he is qualified to guide any one we the people spoke when we voted PRES ELECT Trump in.

  32. Obama needs to just get out. There is a reason that there is a two term limit on the presidency. And you are one of the reasons why. You were such an abominable failure that we and President Trump don’t need or want your opinion on anything.

  33. And when Trump saves the country Obama will be right there to take credit for it. He shouldn’t be banned from the white has she should be banned from the country

  34. Dip shit Obama not only needs to get out of the White House; he also needs to get out of the USA!!!!

  35. Actually,I believe Obama should have left office,let me see,Hummmm,about 2219 days ago………

  36. Obama needs to hit the bricks and keep his mouth shut. If he was smart he’d disappear before he ends up answering for his treasonous activities while in the White House. Mr Trumo doesn’t need advice from a failed, miserable excuse of a person such as Obama.

  37. Absolutely! Obama should stay far away from Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump was elected President because we want Obama and his ilk out of the picture entirely. Mr. Trump do not meet with Obama when you are President. You will be the best!

  38. BHO is NO LONGER needed one President-Elect Trump is sworn in.. If it gets to be to much BS, then I do think Trump should put a restraining order on that pos EX potus.. If Obama is still around the white house I can see him undermining the President, even tot he point of screwing daily operations up for President Trump. He is no longer president and has no reason to keep sticking himself in the country’s business.

  39. Bet Trump tells him to get out of his way and take his baggage with him maybe will tell him that on Jan 20 2017

  40. There is that advice to people in high positions to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
    Plus I believe DJT is shrewd to do a headfake and rope-a-dope until Jan 20.
    If this is not the case, then DJT is in a world of trouble with both the right and the left, as both sides are entrenched in separate views of the world.

  41. Absolutely unnecessary! President-elect Trump has already shown that he will be a better President than Obama. Don’t let the door hit you on your wsy out Obama, you’re done!

  42. Yes the Democrats are in worse shape because of You.Don’ screw up The Republican Party.

  43. I wish Obama could leave, NOW!! I’m tired of listening to the crap that spews out of his mouth!!

  44. Yes, Obama ‘s term is up and he should vacate the WH and everything that goes with the WH. He does not belong there anymore once the new president is inaugurated. I’m sure he was planning on doing that I feel Crooked .Hillary had won. President elect Trump has his cabinet to work with him and help him run the. Out yet now…. SO OBAMA……GET OUT NOW….

  45. Fuck all of you you FASCIST NEO- Nazis pieces of human trash. We will be showing you the door. You wait.

  46. HILLARY won by TWO AND A HALF MILLION VOTES. WE HAVE THE MANDATE . The election was stolen and aren’t DONE.

  47. Once Trump is in Office obummer should be BANISHED from the White House !!!! Trump NEEDS to put this libtard in Prison along with killary,holder,lynch and the REST of obummers croanies !!!!!!

  48. Trump will/ already riding him. Obama is NO MATCH for Trump. Brainwise Trump is way ahead of the POS.TRUMP HAS PROVEN THIS ALREADY.

  49. The absolute worst president we have ever needs to GTF out of our WH it is not his any more and TRUMP needs to show this loser the door.

  50. Obama should leave the WH, and never to be seen in Washington again. Go away, take your GREEDY wife with you, and spend some of the money that you have been able to steal and hide for your OLDER years !!!

  51. They need to get crook Obama out at once. Even out of the country. Trump don’t need him and we don’t wanthim.

  52. Trump doesn’t need Obama’s help, I wouldn’t trust him any way. He just wants to keep his agenda from becoming obsolete. Trump will do better not having democrate as helping him in any way. He has a lot of smart people in his own party use their help before using obama’

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