Oh Dear, Kamala Tried A French Accent And It Was A Total Disaster!


Social media users mocked Vice President Kamala Harris for seeming to adopt a French accent while visiting a scientific laboratory in Paris.

Harris made the remarks Tuesday while visiting a COVID-19 lab at the Pasteur Institute, as part of a goodwill tour to France.

While speaking to scientists at the lab, Harris slipped into a French accent while saying “the plan,” listeners claimed.

The V.P.’s trip to France came in the wake of sinking relations between Washington and Paris, following a U.S.-British submarine deal with Australia.

She said,“We campaign with the plan. Uppercase ‘T’ uppercase ‘P.’ The Plan.”

“The environment is such that we are expected to defend the plan. Even when the first time we roll it out, there may be some glitches, and it’s time to reevaluate and then do it again,” she added.

Now, I don’t know if that’s her just being completely awkward and not knowing how to interact with people, or if she’s literally doing a terrible, and rather rude “fake French accent.”

Either way, it’s really hard to watch.

Here are some comments from folks online:

“she’s just not good at interacting with people”

“Her approval rating just hit 12%”

“Madame Cringe”

“*cackles in French”

“Ze lady is une how you say….a moron with a capital “M”?”

“I think she’s saying the plan… With her bad french accent… All I can think is … De plane! De plane! .. Anyone else? lol”

“She reminds me of the overly zealous guidance counselor from high-school that everyone despised”

“With the long list of fake accents she has deployed you’d think she’d be a better actor.”

“Ok is she the stupidest person on this earth?”

“This is actually offensive to be mocking someone’s accent like this”

“Mrs. Cringe is out and about today. @KamalaHarris Dear God help us.”

“Good Lord. One heartbeat away.”

“Kamala is talking to French people like they are uncivilized barbarians”

“Next stop — dinner @ L’Idiot?”

“Is she actually paid by the Koch brothers to make the Biden Administration seem even more incompetent?”

“my ears are bleeding”

“There’s an enormous amount of competition, but Kamala is the least serious person in the US government”

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