OH MY GOD….Biden Just Confused Putin With Trump!


Since the President and nurse Jill landed at the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, Joe Biden has been making a huge mess of himself on the world stage. Joe Biden has been making America look weak and stupid for allowing a dementia patient to represent our country on the world stage, from arriving over two hours late for a press conference to multiple bumbling, disoriented moments in front of the microphone to reading prepared answers from a notebook.

Biden confused Libya for Syria three times during his remarks at the G7 Summit about US-Russia relations.

Biden’s meeting with Putin in Switzerland, which was chosen for its political impartiality, will not be their first. It will, however, be their first meeting since Biden was elected president of the United States, the so-called leader of the free world.

The encounter of Biden-Putin is expected to have a far different tone from the meeting between then-President Donald Trump and Putin in Helsinki in July 2018. Trump insisted that the two leaders meet without any advisors at the start of the summit, raising fears that the former KGB officer would outsmart his American colleague.

The meeting this week of Biden and Putin’s follows The USA first international tour as president. During which he renewed alliances with G-7 leaders and NATO partners.

Biden had a nearly four-hour private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin today.

The media immediately asked the confused puppet “president” to disclose some details of the discussion with them once it ended. “I caught part of President’s uh—Trump’s—uh—Putin’s—uh—uh—press conference,” Biden said, looking puzzled.

The first lady Jill Biden boasted, “He’s overprepared!”

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