On Heels of Teen’s Brutal Rape in Bathroom, Parents Learn What Else Was Happening During School Day

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The media has been desperately trying to avoid the case of A 14-year-old girl who was viciously raped by two illegal immigrants in a Maryland high school bathroom during school hours.

But what is now alarming is that that authorities are finding out that this wasn’t the first terrifying incident that has happened at the school in recent weeks.

According to WTOP, lawyer Rene Sandler said her 17-year-old client was viciously beaten in the main lobby of the high school only days before two illegals raped a 14-year-old in the bathroom.

Sandler showed a reporter from WTOP a video of the incident which was recorded by school cameras.

“She’s grabbed by her hair; she’s pulled to the ground; she’s being beaten to her head with fists, and then the final sort of coup de grace is three kicks directly to her head — and then she’s left on the ground,” she said.

What’s even more terrifying, is that dozens of students watched the entire assault take place, and some even stopped to record it on their cell phones.

The incident, which was later posted to social media, was broken up once a school staff member arrived on the scene- NOT A SECURITY GUARD.

Why is this important?

Because earlier at the parent teacher conference, Rockville High School Principal Billie-Jean Bensen claimed the school has five staff members on their security team as well as a Montgomery County Police Department student resource officer.

So where were they? When girls are getting viciously beaten in hallways and raped in bathrooms?

As WTOP reports, parents left a meeting with school officials and Montgomery County police days after the alleged incident dissatisfied over the school’s approach to issues of school safety, including monitoring the criminal history and immigration status of its students.

Now, a lawyer for a student involved in a separate altercation has claimed in a release by her office that the high school “was not forthright” in communicating issues of student safety to parents.

Montgomery County police stated that the school is supposed to notify the department when a crime has been committed.

When asked by WTOP who first reported the attack involving the 17-year-old girl on March 7, Montgomery County police officer Rick Goodale stated police records indicated the girl’s parents first brought the incident to their attention.

Two days after the violent attack, Rockville High School officials notified the school resource officer who then reviewed video of the incident and recommended the 15-year-old girl be charged with second-degree assault. The case was referred to juvenile court.

Spokesman Derek Turner made a somewhat meaningless statement:

“We want to keep parents as informed as possible with information that is pertinent to their child’s education. So we will review our practices and procedures and take the appropriate steps.”

Fortunately, it was confirmed that police were immediately called after the alleged rape of 14-year-old girl. However, it still leaves the question: How did they allow it to happen in the first place?

Sandler told WTOP that her client did not know her attacker and had never seen her before.

She also revealed to the outlet that the attack on her client happened just one day after another fight between two girls at the school. She claimed that parents were not notified of that incident either.

It is time to stand up and demand that Rockville immediately clean house to ensure a safer environment for their children.

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