One Of The Top MSM Fakes Has Thrown In The Towel!


Brian Williams has been famously known for being a complete faker and inaccurate for his news.

Recently, he has thrown the towels and called everything quits.

USA Today reported that Brian Williams, in his first public comments since losing his NBC Nightly News anchor chair in a major demotion, apologized for telling inaccurate stories about his experiences and said such misstatements were “clearly ego-driven.”

“I am sorry,” a subdued Williams told Today’s Matt Lauer in interviews carried out over two days this week. “I am sorry for what happened. I am different as a result and I expect to be held to a different standard.” Excerpts were broadcast Friday morning on Today.

Brian Williams, who is famous for telling a bunch of lies to make himself look more important than he was, is a pioneer of fake news.

Just recently, MSNBC has announced the anchor’s departure.

“After nearly 3 decades as an award-winning journalist and anchor at MSNBC and NBC News, Brian Williams has informed us he would like to take the coming months to spend time with his family. He will be signing off from The 11th Hour at the end of the year.”

And yes, as expected, Brian Shelter is ready to throw out of the bus the disgraced Williams off into the sunset with a slobbering, phony goodbye.

and of course, Dan Scavino just made the perfect meme.

The “11th hour” will remain on the air, and no replacement for Williams has been announced while his departure came as a shock to most since his show “11th Hour” was just launched back in 2016.

Source: Wayne Dupree, USA Today