One Small Piece Of Video PROVES That Afghanistan Was Always Doomed!


Our men in uniform did their best to train Afgan soldiers, and I salute them with full pride for their sacrifices and bravery.

It’s not the fault of the boots; it is the responsibility of the suits who have damaged everything. And what you are about to see shows exactly why Afghanistan was a lost cause from the get-go from this ungodly 40-second clip.

With honor, courage, and dedication, our courageous men and women headed over there. They did their part, and we will be eternally grateful for their dedication and sacrifice.

All of this was messed up by those high-IQ Ivy League “thinkers”…

The Biden Handlers, who have such a horrible case of TDS that they refused to accept President Trump’s plan for Afghanistan’s departure and went their own route, which imploded in their faces.

Many would argue, though, that we should never have gone to Afghanistan in the first place, that it was a fool’s errand to try to make Afghanistan better.

It’s a video of a US soldier trying to teach Afghan troops how to do “jumping jacks” from a few years ago.

It’s amazing how terribly this is going…

“We paid $80 million on THIS?” wondered the audience.

Not to mention the lives that were lost, the soldiers who were injured, and those who are still suffering from the effects of their tours of duty.

This entire situation is a disaster.

No, we shouldn’t have stayed in Afghanistan, but we should have followed President Trump’s plan, and gotten out of there with our equipment, and also saved all the people and interpreters who helped us.

Not left them there to die.

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