Rand Paul Just Dropped A Dime On The Globalist Elites!


The last time top politicians, CEOs, and billionaires gathered in a Swiss mountain village to discuss society’s biggest problems and pitch their solutions, the coronavirus outbreak in China was little more than a remote threat. The economy was humming, and a major armed conflict in Europe was on nobody’s list of major risks, CNN reported.

Now, these radical liberals and globalists who will attend the World Economic Forum are trying to fix its damaged image. Nearly 2,500 global leaders from business, politics, and civil society are expected to take part in a rare springtime version of Davos this week.

The real danger is becoming clear to us, the one-world government will take a major part in ruining common people’s lives.

While ordinary people are struggling to pay rent, buy gas to go to work, and put food on the table. The world’s wealthiest people gather around to talk about how great it is to rule the world and how they can make the average person’s life more terrible.

100 Percent Fedup commented further:

In Davos, Switzerland, the WEF’s proposals range from putting chips in our brains, to tracking our carbon footprint down to every place we visit and every piece of food we eat.

“The future is being built by us,” the elitists say. And by “us” of course, they mean themselves. No one else. Certainly not the people.

Of course, the inflation and the food shortages are just a little pain we have to go through to get to their end goals, they claim. Naturally, being unaffected by either.

George Soros even says that if we don’t go along with their dystopian plans, civilization itself is doomed.

Meanwhile, an actual champion of the people, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, is espousing the dangers of this globalist “one world government” ran by elite ghouls.

On Jesse Waters’s show, Senator Rand Paul discusses how not only is their ghoulish view on inflation, reducing carbon footprints, etc. wrong, but how it also only impacts us and not them.

He speaks on the dangers of the one world government forming before us and how you used to be viewed as a “conspiracy theorist” for believing what is today flaunted in front of us, while also referring to the whole thing as “our worst nightmare.”

Watch it here:FoxNews/Youtube

Between the WEF and the WHO Sen. Paul believes that these people controlling the world want to eliminate all of our privacy, too. Tracking our carbon footprints and social distancing in case of another pandemic, presumably through an implanted chip are among the proposals that the global elite have put forth.

Billionaires around the world gather at the World Economic Forum for the express purpose of forming a one world government to further their own interests at the common person’s expense.

Billionaires added $5 trillion to their fortunes during the pandemic, according to a report from Oxfam published in January. The world’s richest 10 men saw their collective wealth more than doubled between March 2020 and November 2021.

Meanwhile, tens of millions more people around the world were pushed into extreme poverty as the global economy shut down, and many struggling households became reliant on emergency government support.

Sources: 100percentfedup, CNN