REVEALED: Hillary Clinton’s Choice For Vice President?!


From CNBC:

Bill Daley, commerce secretary under President Bill Clinton and ex-chief of staff to President Barack Obama, offered advice on CNBC Monday to Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on picking a running mate.

“I think Tim Kaine is a good prospect,” Daley told “Squawk Box,” referring to the Virginia U.S. senator and former governor and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Daley described Kaine as “somewhat moderate,” but a “progressive on things” that would matter in the general election.

“I know Al Franken’s been mentioned” as a possible vice presidential option, Daley said. Franken, a U.S. senator from Minnesota, was a comedian who performed on and wrote for NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

“The truth is he’s been a very serious senator since he’s been there, in spite of the fact that when he got elected, people said, ‘This is just a comedian,’” said Daley, currently head of U.S. operations at Swiss hedge fund Argentiere Capital.

But first things first. Clinton’s next test in her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination comes Tuesday, when Wisconsin holds its primary. Clinton’s rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has had a recent run of strength, winning the last five contests.

“You have Sanders who’s very popular amongst a large part of the Democratic base, and obviously is moving with an energy towards the end,” Daley said. “This will continue into June. But I think there’s no question Hillary is going to get the numbers needed to be nominated.”

Daley said the voter “anger” that’s given rise to Sanders and GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump is very “real.”

“Whoever wins this election in the fall has got to respond … [with] actual policies and not just rhetoric,” Daley said, taking a veiled shot at Sanders and Trump who have energized the electorate with lofty policy promises that critics say would be tough to implement.

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