She Was Being Held Hostage For Days, Then A Restaurant Order Saved Her Life….


In Yonkers, New York, a woman’s life was saved thanks to an unlikely hero: a breakfast sandwich and a burger.

One morning, a woman placed an early-morning order with a Grub Hub delivery driver for food. But it was the additional instructions on the order slip that caught the attention of the workers at the Chipper Truck Café where the order was being prepared. The message read, “Please call the police. He’s going to call me when you deliver. Come with the cones please and don’t make it obvious.”

The owner of the café, Alice Bermejo, knew that she had to take the note seriously and immediately called the police. It turned out that the woman who had placed the order was being held captive by a man who had sexually assaulted her and was keeping her prisoner. He only allowed her to use her phone to order food, which is how she was able to reach out for help.

Thanks to the quick actions of Bermejo and her staff, the woman was able to escape her captor and the man was arrested and charged with multiple counts, including rape, unlawful imprisonment, and strangulation. The victim’s friend called Bermejo to thank her for her help, and Grub Hub even donated $5,000 to the café as a token of gratitude for their heroism.

This story is a reminder that we never know when we might be called upon to help someone in need. It also shows the importance of paying attention to the details, even in seemingly insignificant situations. Thanks to the workers at the Chipper Truck Café, a woman’s life was saved and a dangerous criminal was brought to justice.

In a world where bad news often dominates the headlines, it’s heartening to hear a story about everyday heroes who are willing to step up and do what’s right. Whether it’s a small act of kindness or a life-saving intervention, every one of us has the power to make a difference in the world. We should all strive to be like the workers at the Chipper Truck Café, who recognized a serious situation and acted quickly to help someone in need.

Source: AWM