She Was “Killed” In A Tragic Accident, Then The Decided To Show Up At Her Own Funeral….


There are some people who wonder what their funeral would be like but one woman was able to witness it firsthand.

According to the Washington Post, One woman named Noela Rukundo, three hit men, and a pastor worked together to plan the unusual event.

This is how it began …

Noela Rukundo, living in Australia confronted her husband at her own funeral following his botched attempt to have her murdered. Kalala Rukundo, Noela’s husband, later admitted to Australian authorities that he hired a gang of hit men to murder his wife while she was in Burundi attending the funeral.

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Noela Rukundo

In early 2015 Noela and Kalala flew to Burundi to attend a funeral. Kalala suggested that his wife steps out of the hotel for fresh air. When she went outside, a man charged at her with a gun. She was abducted by a group of three men and moved to a building outside the Burundi capital Bujumbura.

One of Noela’s captors asked if she knew why Kalala wanted her dead. She replied, “what are you talking about?”

She told the abductors that they were lying. They responded by calling her husband on speakerphone where he ordered them to “kill her.” Noela then told members of the media that she fainted.

Kalala Rukundo

However, Noela woke to find that her abductors had no intention of murdering her. According to reports, the men told her that they did not believe in killing women and that they could not because they knew her brother.

After two days, the captors released Noela on the side of a road giving her a cellphone, secret recordings they made of phone conversations with her husband, and receipts of the $7,000 Australian dollars Kalala paid them to murder her. They told Noela, “we just want you to go back and tell other stupid women like you what happened.”

Astonished, Noela reached out to her church’s pastor, Dassano Harruno Nantogmah, in Melbourne, Australia for assistance. Pastor Nantogmah told the BBC that received a call in the middle of the night from Noela saying “its me, I’m still alive, don’t tell anybody.”

Photo Credit: Viral Stories

By that time, according to Pastor Nantogmah, Kalala had informed the Melbourne community that his wife died in a “tragic accident.” Kalala was said to be hosting a stream of well-wishers, many of whom were donating money to ease his suffering.

Pastor Nantogmah helped Noela return to Australia and, on February 22, 2015, she was waiting outside her house watching her husband Kalala see off the latest group of well-wishers. According to Noela, “it was around 7:30pm. He [Kalala] was in front of the house. People had been inside mourning with him and he was escorting a group of them into a car.”

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