She’s In Prison For Murdering Her Boyfriend, What She’s Complaining To Guards About Will…


In the United Kingdom, a British OnlyFans model, known as “Fake Barbie,” finds herself locked away for the murder of her boyfriend. Abigail White, the convicted killer, has one grievance—she is denied the privilege of “conjugal visits” with attractive men at her discretion. White has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of eighteen years at Bristol Crown Court.

The court learned during the trial that White was an “early pioneer” on the OnlyFans platform, earning over $60,000 by selling subscriptions to erotic content she frequently uploaded for her devoted fans. However, this success became irrelevant when she engaged in a heated argument with her boyfriend, Bradley Lewis, on March 25th, culminating in her stabbing him in the heart, leading to his death in their Kingswood home.

White, a mother of three, alleged that Lewis sought to “control her” and the money she earned from her OnlyFans subscriptions. She claimed that after their altercation, he “walked into” the kitchen knife she was holding, insisting it was “not a big stab” but rather a slight cut.

In court, White recounted, “I went over to him to shock him, to scare him with the knife, and before I knew it, I had stabbed him.” She had previously stabbed Lewis in the arm, but this time, she recognized that “it was really bad” as “blood [was] spurting out of him,” with no simple way to halt the bleeding.

A medical examiner determined that Lewis succumbed to a single 7cm-deep stab wound to his chest, which pierced his heart and caused his swift death.

Now incarcerated for murder, White is incensed that she cannot invite men to her cell at HMP Eastwood Park in Gloucestershire for sexual encounters.

She voiced her frustration, saying:

“It has come to my attention after recently being sentenced to 18 years that prisons do not facilitate overnight stays for women prisoners and their partners. I think they should take into account and consideration our needs, and allow men and women to have overnight stays together. I would like to know what other prisoners think about this, as quite a few girls here agree.”

Although White admitted to manslaughter during her trial, she was convicted of murder and received a life sentence, requiring her to serve a minimum of eighteen years before being eligible for parole.

Justice Peter Donald Fraser, upon sentencing White in October 2022, remarked, “Not only will your three children grow up without a father, but they will grow up knowing their mother murdered their father.”

In response to White’s complaints, a prison spokesperson stated, “Prisoners see family during daytime visits which are supervised by staff.”

Source: AWM