SICK Contents Of Epstein Database Leaked, Clintons Spooked

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Just when the Clintons thought that Jeffrey Epstein’s convenient “suicide” swept their connections to the pedophile neatly under the rug, a whole new  can of worms was opened. The Virgin Islands, which is a U.S. Territory, wants to seize both his island playgrounds on behalf of the government, along with anything else they can get a grip on.

Pilots, boat captains, air traffic controllers, and others will soon be spilling their guts about who they ferried to and from the island. When they were there, and what they were up to. That’s because this latest suit also names the individuals who enabled Epstein to get away with it all.

In the Florida case, all of his co-conspirators were shielded from having to testify. This time, they are the heart of the lawsuit. As spelled out in the complaint, Epstein couldn’t have “trafficked, raped, sexually assaulted and held captive” young girls without help from accomplices.

“Epstein owned and arranged for private planes, helicopters, boats and automobiles to transport victims to, from and within the Virgin Islands, and provided money to pay these young women and girls.”

“Air traffic controllers and other airport personnel reported seeing Epstein leave his plane with young girls, some of whom appeared to be between the age of 11 and 18 years.” Who else did they see running around with these young girls?

According to the federal lawsuit filed on Wednesday by the Department of Justice, Prosecutors have Epstein’s digital database listing the hundreds of sex slaves “employed” on his private fantasy island. Many of his harem were as young as 11 or 12. What the database allegedly tracked was which of the girls could be sent to Little St. James.

“The Epstein Enterprise kept a computerized list of underage girls who were in or proximate to the Virgin Islands, and able to be transported to Epstein’s residence at Little Saint James in the Virgin Islands.”

Speculation is rampant that his database could also spell out the key to all the “pizza order” preferences of Epstein’s favorite friends. Like those of Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton visited Orgy Island at least once, with “two young girls” from New York, according to one of the victims, Virginia Roberts.

“I remember asking Jeffrey, ‘What’s Bill Clinton doing here?’ kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said, ‘Well, he owes me a favor.'”

Epstein had a portrait of Bill Clinton in drag hanging in his New York town home.

Another twist in the story is that the new charges allege that the sick perversion went all the way from 2001 to 2018. The charges Epstein were jailed for only ran from 2002 through 2007.

The suit lays out the “trafficking pyramid scheme,” where “associates would target underage girls on the pretext of providing massages before they were then pressured to engage in sexual acts. Those victims were then forced to recruit others.”

The territory’s Attorney General, Denise George, is asking for a big chunk of Epstein’s $577 million estate and the property is only the beginning.

Epstein bought the island in 1998 as “the perfect hideaway for sexual servitude, child abuse and sexual assault.” He managed to score the sweetheart plea deal of the century when busted in Florida, and got off with a slap on the wrist in 2008.

Because he was registered in the Virgin Islands as a sex offender starting in 2010, he used a “straw man” to buy nearby Great St. James Island in 2016. He had been having problems with some of his girls trying to escape.

With the larger island under his control, nobody could use it to spy on him. Also if one of the girls made it there, he could grab them back easily. There’s no other land for 200 miles.

One 15-year-old girl “attempted to escape by swimming from Little St. James. Epstein and others organized a search party that found her and confiscated her passport.”

In July of 2018, an investigator doing a routine check of Epstein’s address for the sex offender registry wasn’t allowed to set foot on the island. Epstein met him on the dock and said it was his “front door.” Nobody was about to get further.

“Monitoring a sex offender with his own private islands and the resources to fly victims in and out on private planes and helicopters presented unique challenges.”

Under criminal enterprise laws, the government seeks around $578 million in assets, including “entities that hold properties in New York, Palm Beach and Paris.”

“Epstein maintained a deliberately complex web of Virgin Islands corporations, limited liability companies, foundations, and other entities, not all of which are yet known to the Government of the Virgin Islands.”

Mark Megahan
Mark Megahan is a resident of Arizona and "deplorable" Donald Trump supporter. For several years, he has been an outspoken critic of the "deep state" government within a government, while providing solid fact based analysis of current events. Mark is also an impassioned advocate for those like himself who are disabled by chemical hypersensitivity.