Spread this EVERYWHERE!: Video surfaces of Sanders praising food lines in socialist countries


A video from 1995 of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders praising socialism (real socialism, not this “democratic socialism” thing he is claiming now) in socialist countries has resurfaced. In it, he says people standing in line to get food, which by the way is usually a sign of poverty and famine, is a good thing to have people doing. He also praises Fidel Castro and what he has done for Cuba.

The entire video with commentary by John Stossel and guest is worth watching, but the food line remarks is at the 3:25 mark if you want to skip to it.

It is absolutely insane that this guy is doing as well as he is against Hillary, particularly with the younger generation. They have been sold a lie about socialism under the title of Democratic Socialism, which seems to gloss over all the poverty, suffering, and death that socialism leads to.

Share this video with everyone you know. The real Bernie Sanders needs to be shown to all those “feeling the Bern”.

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