Students Were Sent Home With A Sickening Pamphlet, And Parents Absolutely Lost Their Mind…


One Texas parent expressed her anger after her child brought home a pamphlet that she said came from the school.

Joanna McFarland Owusu and other Texas Parents were shocked and appalled by a pamphlet instructing parents to help school officials identify children in the event of a tragedy.

Joanna’s 7-year-old child brought home a pamphlet from school entitled “National Child Identification Program” and handed it to her with a confused look on her face and opened it to show her a page with slots for her fingerprints and one for each finger. The child says they needed to fill those out for school purposes.

The mom carefully looked at the pamphlet and opened it, as she was opening it, she immediately noticed the two simple sketches of a naked and genderless child which were labeled ‘Front’ and ‘Back.’

The mom of three choked up as she soon realized what she was meant to do. She was about to label the figure with any birthmarks, moles, scars, and other distinguishing features on her so her body could be identified, for example, the child’s face was severely blown off by an assault weapon. The officials, on the other hand, clarifies that the pamphlet was part of a program that predated the Uvalde shooting and will be mainly used to find missing children, hence, the kits can also be used in the aftermath of a tragedy.

The mom recalls rolling her eyes when the large, urban school district mandated students to only carry clear backpacks this school year and wondered if anyone believed clear backpacks were making anyone safer but breathed a sigh of relief that her youngest child didn’t understand why the clear backpack edict was actually made. However, the mom currently resides in Texas, and the horror of the Uvalde shooting was at top of my mind.

The anxious mom says that there are many ways for parents to meet such moments with young children, adding that parents are supposed to embrace the willful ignorance of a young child as kids still can’t comprehend the pamphlet given to them and what it could actually possibly be used for. Noting that officials should keep it simple to make children safe at school. “It’s disgraceful and I’m ashamed of our elected leader,” specifically to those who refuse to put the lives of small kids ahead of a well-financed gun lobby.

The mom added that she cannot summon a rational explanation, even on a second-grade level for the current state of affairs.

McFarland Owusu (pictured with her family) said:

“I choked up as I realized what I was meant to do. I was to label the figure with any birthmarks, moles, scars, or other distinguishing feature on my child, so that her body could be identified, if, for example, her face was blown off by an assault weapon.”

The editor based in Dallas refused to believe that clear backpacks, active shooter drills, and other law enforcement programs, to help officials identify kids’ disremembered bodies are the most suggested ones and the best thing we could offer kids as her rage knows no bounds and she’ll carry it with her to the ballot box.

Watch the video report below for more details:

Source: AWM