Suzanne Somers Just Released Some Nude Photos And They Are Beyond All….


On October 16, Suzanne Somers celebrated her 73rd birthday in a way that many of us only dream of, in her birthday suit.

The actress, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, celebrated her birthday with a naked photo in a field of flowers. In the photo, she appears to be naked while squatting in a field of tall flowers and grass. The photo was reminiscent of one she posted of herself in an outdoor bathtub on Instagram in the past.

She captioned the photo, “Here I am at 73 in my Birthday Suit!!!,” wearing nothing but a slight smile in the photo and covering her chest with her hands.

The former Three’s Company actress bared it all on Instagram and was met with countless supportive comments, while others said that the actress was “too old” to be acting like this, and believed it was “bad taste”, according to Yahoo.

“Suzanne I hate to say this but I don’t think that picture is Tastefully done it looks gross,” one commenter wrote.

“Jealous?? Hardly!! I’m an extremely open minded woman but this photo is lacking class,” another person wrote on Instagram.

“Suzanne just doesn’t look good anymore to flaunt herself in her old bday suit. Sorry Suzi but you’re too old for this. Show some class (if you can find it) and put on a tshirt & jeans and then you will look hot.”

While some may consider it controversial, the amount of love and support she received on her 73rd birthday says otherwise. Many fans took the opportunity to wish her a happy birthday. Others praised her for posing nude and sharing it on social media.

“I must say that the smile on your face says it all. If the things you do in your life make you show us all that beautiful smile then you go for it. You are gorgeous and I don’t think you should hide anything if it makes you happy. You spread joy to all the true fans that Love you and to be honest, if someone can’t handle you being you then they can just move along,” one fan wrote.

For years the 73-year-old has promoted a healthy lifestyle, and she has said that her breast cancer diagnosis in 2000 served as a wake-up call.

“Today some people say to me—relative to all the supplements and vitamins I take, all the hormones I rub on daily, the green drink I have every morning, the probiotics, etc.—that it’s a lot of work. I always respond: It’s a lot more work to be sick,” she told Parade in 2013.

So, if she decides to flaunt her body to show that she is still fit as ever, then by God, just let her, man. Geesh, I hope I look like this when I turn 73. Somers if you’re reading this, ignore all the comments, you keep doing what you do best!

Happy birthday Suzanne!

Watch the video below for more details:

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