Ted Nugent Spoke Up And Triggered Every Last Liberal…


America is becoming ‘woke’ under Democrats’ watch, and the trend just goes on and on…but it won’t totally happen until we still have brave conservative voices fighting against their radical progressive agenda.

And Ted Nugent is just one of the many who are willing to fight these leftists. In fact, he never minces words… he calls it as he sees it, and that’s why conservatives love him, and liberals detest him.

And recently, the Motor City Madman yet trigger the left-wing to meltdown in about .2 seconds after posting a controversial topic in a form of a meme.

Here’s what the meme says in a tweet posted by Ted himself:

“Chinese third graders are learning advanced calculus. American third graders are learning that mean can have periods. This can’t end well.”

Wayne Dupree explained it further:

Of course, Ted is talking about the push from the left to teach young kids that men can have periods and give birth, as part of their “gender neutral” and transgender agenda.

Many people believe the left is systematically erasing women, by now calling them “birthing people” and “bleeders,” in order to welcome “men” into the fray.

Biological men, who now “identify” as women, are also taking over women’s sports, and are even winning “Women of The Year” awards.

I guess it’s true, men really are better at everything — even being women, huh?

That’s the new message from today’s feminists…

It’s bad enough that adults are having to debate this, but to foist all of this on children is utter insanity and child abuse.

And here’s Ted’s tweet:

Here is what people are saying online:

“Absolutely killing us”

“While millions of illegal aliens penetrate the US border aided + abetted by the Democrats to create a new permanent voting block that will ensure their absolute power while destabilizing the US.”

“The Chinese are running our country. Our leaders are their puppets. This is all going according to plan” 

“I hate to say this, but, this is why our children are having serious Mental Issue’s. When China’s kids are out Performing a Once Mighty Continent, we, have a problem.”

“This ought to tell you where this country is heading with the next generation! Straight to hell.”

“Americas education system is a joke and you can thank the liberals and democrats for this. The social justice bullshit makes us look stupid when we cant even have people reading properly coming out of high-school.”

Of course, liberals can’t help but come out of the woodwork to have a meltdown on his Twitter page. Ted definitely struck their nerve with this quote.

It is so ironic because none of these liberals actually defended what they were pushing on kids, they simply attacked Ted, and called him a “has-been.”

Source: WayneDupree