Teflon Pans Are KILLING You. Here Are The Reasons You Should Use ONLY Cast Iron Skillets For Cooking


Believe it or not, Teflon pans may be toxic, so it is recommended that you use  a cast-iron skillet.

Namely, it increases the body`s absorption of this important metal and provides numerous other benefits. Today, we will reveal 10fantastic reasons why you should start cooking in a cast iron cookware.

  1. Iron. This is the only cookware that offers nutritional benefits which are extremely beneficial for your health. Every time you cook in it, it releases a bit of iron into the food. Therefore, cooking in a cast iron cookware will increase the levels of iron in your blood, especially when you cook highly acid foods, such as tomatoes.
  2. Does not contain or release toxins. This cookware is extremely safe, as it does not release toxins into the food you are cooking when it gets scratched.
  3. Tastier food. If you cook in an iron cast pans, your food will have an enriched taste and tastier flavor. Moreover, you will finally get a perfect crust on your food!
  4. It is very durable. If you take proper care of this cookware, you can use it your entire life!
  5. It’s cheap. If we consider its duration, this lifetime investment can cost you extremely cheap! Namely, you can buy your brand new, pre-seasoned cast iron skillet for less than $20.
  6. Easy to clean. You will not need, and it is not advisable, to use soap when you clean it, as it may strip the seasoning off. Simply use hot water and non- abrasive sponge.
  7. It’s been used for centuries. It was first produced in China in the 6th century, and during the 14th century, its was largely produced all over Europe. It came to America later, and due to its cheap price and durability, it became popular in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  8. It’s non-stick. If properly seasoned, this cookware does not stick, as oils which have been used previously have accumulated and formed a non- stick coating on the pan.
  9. Heating benefits. These pans distribute heat evenly, unlike other non-stick pans, whose thin metal cannot distribute heat quickly, and should not be used on high heat.
  10. Can be used in your oven, on your stove top, or charcoal grill. As this cookware can stand high heat, and it does not affect its shape, it can be used in the oven, or on top of a charcoal grill or on the stove.

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