Terror in Maryland as Man With Bomb Enters TV News Studio


Stay tuned for more information on this incident.
In a breaking story, a man wearing what is being identified as a “hedgehog onesie” is inside a news studio and claiming that he has a bomb.

From Political Insider:

In Baltimore, Maryland Police were on scene at the FOX 45 TV Baltimore building.

A man wearing a “Hedgehog Onesie” costume has a bomb strapped to his chest. In addition a car was on fire outside of the station on West 41st St.

Fox 45 reported Keith Daniels says there are reports of an intruder with a bomb inside their building.

Authorities tell WJZ that there was a fire at the TV station but they are unsure if it was intentionally set.

A security guard at 45 tells WJZ reporter George Solis that a man walked into the station wearing a hedgehog onside claiming he had a bomb.

Via CBS Balitmore

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