This Texas Prepper Is The Only One In The Town Whose House Didn’t Flood, Saving Him $150,000 In Damages…Who’s Laughing Now?


And they call preppers crazy. Well, this is one prepper who saved his home in Texas because he was willing to look into the future and prepare for something no one had ever seen there… a massive flood. He went to Louisiana and bought what they call an ‘Aqua Dam’. It cost him $8300. But when the waters rose 27 inches, his home was the only one left dry and undamaged. It took him and some friends a few hours to fill the fabric tubes with water and set up, but that investment probably saved him over $150,000 in damages. Smart guy.

From Universal Free Press:

As the Texas floods continue to rage, one man in Rosharon Texas decided to take extra measures to protect his house, and so far it has paid off. Randy Wagner purchased the AquaDam in an attempt to keep flood waters at bay. He traveled to Louisiana and spent $8,300 on 400 feet of 30 inch diameter plastic/fabric tubing. After outlining the perimeter of his house with the AquaDam, the tube was filled with water to hold it in place.

The Wagner family nervously watched as Brazoria County flood waters rose to 27 inches but never came over the top. Randy tells local news that he would much rather spend the $8,300 on the AquaDam than have to pay nearly $150,000 to repair a severely flood damaged home. The unbelievable effectiveness of the AquaDam became evident to neighbors who came home to 2 feet of water in their homes.

As the military evacuated his neighbors, Randy Wagner and his family were safe and sound on a little island protected by a plastic/fabric dam. His neighbors now wish they had done the same thing and I would wager that the online company who sold him the dam will be doing booming business now. Others aren’t going to provide for you, protect you or probably even rescue you. So, you have to think and plan ahead, which is exactly what Randy did. The Aqua Dam surrounds Randy Wagner’s home as floodwaters continue to rise. Now he has a place to come home to and hopes that others will learn from the chance he took on a company he found online. “Emergency management could use it. I remember when Addicks reservoir was going over Highway 6. It could’ve been used.” he said. A lot of people could use something like this and it only takes one time for it to pay for itself – that’s a heck of an insurance policy.




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