The Australia COVID Policy Has Just Gotten Extremely Weird!


Something is not right in Western Australia, with a very HIGH vaccination rate and COVID is almost non-existent – But why on earth their hospitals are overwhelmed with patients?

Recently, Western Australia has been reporting they have ZERO covid patients in their town while vaccinations continue, Hospitals are reportedly full of COVID patients.

I know you are confused so am I, but even the WA Premier Mark McGowan couldn’t explain what is happening.

Watch it here:

“Our hospitals are under enormous pressure. This is the same in [the rest of Australia]. This has been something no one has ever seen before, the growth in demand in our hospitals, why it is is hard, hard to know… There are huge numbers of people coming through the door, so we’re doing everything we can to try to manage it,”

It is confirmed that the state has recorded 1,112 Covid cases ever since the pandemic has started.

Australian Medical Association’s president, Omar Khorshid, the hospital system showed some improvements during COVID-19 when patient levels dropped, but “not to the level we thought it should be”.

“much worse, our public hospitals are in a very different situation to earlier in the pandemic and the virus will become endemic and this will intensify pressure on an already-stretched public hospital system.”

“Unless we do something dramatic to help our hospitals, this is as ‘good as it gets when it comes to hospital performance for Australians.” He added.

I wonder what could have caused this?

Vaccine number one on my list. How about you?

Source: The Gateway Pundit