The Destruction Of American Sovereignty Has Begun!


The Blue State Conservative contributes a guest post:

Then-Vice President Joe Biden expressed his support for free borders in February 2015, saying:

“I’m proud of [the Obama administration’s] record on immigration. Not only our Muslim communities, Asian communities, Hispanic communities. And the wave still continues. And it’s not going to stop. Nor should we want it to stop. An unrelenting stream of immigration. Non-stop, non-stop. And that’s a good thing.”

During his 2020 presidential campaign, Biden promised that if he was elected, refugees and illegal immigrants would be welcomed with open arms. After being sworn in as the country’s new president, Biden made good on his promise:

  • Biden enabled 100,000 illegal aliens to breach the southern border in a single month, February.
  • The number of border interactions with illegals increased to 170,000 in March.
  • When Trump took office in April 2020, there were 17,000 border interactions with illegals and “refugees.” In April 2021, the number had risen to 178,000, a 950 percent increase. According to some estimates, the total number of people surrendering to the Biden Border Patrol might reach two million by 2021. They all know that surrendering to the Biden Border Patrol ensures a quick and hassle-free passage to the U.S. location of their choice.
  • Last week, Biden gave “temporary protected status” to Haitian illegals owing to “poverty” in order to increase the stream of severely needy migrants.

As president, Biden has revived Obama’s “catch and release” policy, in which detainees are released into the country’s interior before their cases are resolved in court. Without being tested for Covid, many people are granted free transportation to Republican states and districts. Few people will show up for their court date if it is set in the future.

Biden is lodging the migrant tidal wave in taxpayer-funded hotel rooms, while New York, a Democrat-controlled state, is offering up to $15,000 in cash to illegal immigrants affected by Covid. Biden is deliberately destroying our two-party constitutional democracy little by bit, nowhere more so than by opening the southern border to what he proudly refers to as “an unrelenting stream” of poor, uneducated, non-English speaking migrants, all of whom will be eligible for asylum.

The Puppet Master of a Borderless World: George Soros

Every progressive-run country in Europe is systematically erasing its national identity, and the post-1960s Democratic Party is attempting the same thing in America. The fundamental purpose of billionaire globalist George Soros and his communist fellow travelers in the Western world is to promote open borders as a key means of eliminating the unique national identities of Western nations.

Soros is the most well-known supporter of the communist dream of a world without borders. Soros lays forth the progressive blueprint for a Western world under communism in his anti-capitalist best-seller The Crisis of Global Capitalism. Soros spends enormous sums each year building “open society alliances” across adjacent sovereign nations, despite his passionate complaints about “the sway of sovereign nations.” A world populated by free societies. It sounds beautiful, and it does not appear to be scary. It’s anything but that.

The goal of these alliances is to shame citizens of Western countries into accepting the high-mindedness of abandoning national identities in favor of a collectivist “we are the world” identity, in which people are systematically conditioned to no longer see themselves as citizens of their country, but as Citizens of the World. (Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama told an audience of 200,000 European Marxists in Berlin in 2008, “I come to you as a Citizen of the World.”)

Citizens of sovereign countries who oppose an unrestricted influx of migrants and refugees are labeled racists and xenophobes. Once open border coalitions are established, the final impediment to a borderless world governed by the UN, an organization plagued from top to bottom with hardened Marxists, will be removed. To achieve global governance, the United States’ sovereignty must be removed, a traitorous aim carried out by the Democratic Party since the 1960s by its active support for open borders and nearly unfettered mass migration.

Progressive leaders in Europe and the United States have taken a big step toward eliminating national identities by spreading the welcome mat to unprecedented numbers of non-white, non-assimilating migrants and refugees. With independent states rendered powerless, the threat of a world ruled by the hammer and sickle becomes a certain conclusion.

Soros posted an angry tirade equating Trump to Hitler and labeling him a racist and xenophobe after the election of Donald Trump gave a catastrophic setback to the near-term vision of an America hijacked from within by the Marxists in our midst. Because of his huge influence on the Democratic Party hierarchy, Soros is known as “The Puppet Master,” and his primary aim in destabilizing sovereign capitalist states is the crown jewel of them all, the United States of America. The millionaire communist genius has powerful allies at the highest echelons of the modern Democratic Party as he works diligently toward the completion of that takedown.

America, wake up!

  • Soros’s group has launched an app to assist illegal immigrants in breaking US border laws.
  • “I dream of free borders,” Hillary Clinton tells South American bankers in secret.
  • “Prepare to live in a borderless world,” says John Kerry to college graduates.
  • Illegal aliens claim that they will overrun our system and obliterate our frontiers.
  • Keith Ellison, DNC deputy chair, was photographed wearing a shirt that called for the abolition of the United States’ borders.
  • The United States has surpassed Germany as the world’s top asylum destination, with statistics indicating a tremendous increase.
  • “The West will disappear due to global extinction,” Vatican Cardinal Robert Sarah predicted in 2019.

Watch it here: Youtube/NumberUSA

Sen. James Langford outlines what is going on at the US-Mexico border that is being kept secret from voters in this video.

Watch it here:

“Wide Open Gates: The Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations” demonstrates how European progressive leaders have intentionally supported the entrance of endless caravans of desperately destitute, non-assimilating migrants from Africa and the Middle East. The Democratic Party in America is vigorously pursuing the same open border policies that are fast undermining European nations’ unique national identities.

Watch it here: Youtube/NumberUSA

“Immigration by the Numbers: Off the Charts” will make you angry when you realize what unfettered immigration is doing to your children and grandchildren’s future quality of life.

Author: John Eidson

John Eidson, a former Georgia Tech electrical engineering graduate (1968), now works as a freelance writer in Atlanta.

John Eidson, a former Georgia Tech electrical engineering graduate (1968), now works as a freelance writer in Atlanta.