They Banned Him From The Bar For Being “Old And White”, And He Got Back At Them In Amazing…


A restaurant in Maryland has sparked outrage after banning a 52-year-old regular customer for being “old and white.”

Neal Glessner, who would frequently spend upwards of $500 per week at Dan’s Restaurant and Taphouse, has since filed a discrimination lawsuit against the establishment, arguing that he was banned based on his age and race.

The restaurant owner, Charlotte Aufdem-Brinke, has a different story to tell, claiming that Gleasson was banned for disruptive behavior towards staff. Mike Skinner, who was working as the restaurant manager at the time, kicked Glessner and a friend out of the establishment for being a disturbance and even called the police. Body camera footage shows that Glessner was acting inappropriately and aggressively, but he claims that he was banned because he was an old white man.

The restaurant’s decision to ban Glessner has sparked protests in his small town, with people gathering outside of the establishment to speak out against the restaurant. Some protesters even held signs that read “old white men’s lives matter,” which is a controversial dig at the Black Lives Matter movement.

Glessner’s lawsuit claims that he faced discrimination at the restaurant based on his age and race, but the restaurant owner denies this. Aufdem-Brinke states that Glessner was banned due to his disruptive behavior towards the restaurant’s staff, which he allegedly exhibited on numerous occasions. Mike Skinner reportedly threw Glessner out of the restaurant, telling him and his friend that they were banned from returning.

Glessner, however, believes that he is the victim of discrimination and has insisted that his lawsuit is not about politics or any agenda. Instead, he claims that the restaurant’s decision to ban him was solely based on his age and race. The restaurant’s decision to ban Glessner has sparked a larger conversation about discrimination and the double standards that exist in society.

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Source: AWM