They Saw Kids Digging A Massive Hole In The Sand And Then Knew They Had To….


What started as a normal family vacation turned into every parent’s nightmare. 

Like many families do in the summer, Stuart Frost and his family were soaking up the sun in Newport Beach, California. It was their annual family reunion when everyone comes together for a week of fun and creating memories.

Some kids were just playing at Newport Beach in California, digging a hole in it when one of the holes collapsed and buried a 3-year-old alive.

As a 3-year-old boy’s parents frantically searched for him on the sand his small body was buried alive, trapped under the sand.

Had it not been for a bystander’s quick thinking, the boy may not be alive, authorities said.

Jesse Martin, a 35-year-old visiting from Arizona, overheard two frantic women asking lifeguards for help when they couldn’t find a lost 3-year-old boy near 40th Street around 2:30 p.m.

Martin, in town with his family for the holiday weekend, decided to help in the search. He called in some nearby uncles and cousins to help. He noticed a group of kids playing in a hole where the boy was last seen. He asked them to get out, and on a hunch, he started digging.

“After a couple big scoops I felt him under there,” Martin said.

Martin said the boy was white and blue when he pulled him out of the sand. Two uncles, Steve and Stuart Frost, rushed over and started doing CPR and chest compressions.

The Frost family started to give the little boy CPR—and after about a minute, the boy began to breathe again! Once he was resuscitated, he was rushed to a nearby hospital to make sure nothing else was wrong. Ultimately, everything turned out ok.

“They got him moving and breathing before paramedics could get there,” Martin said.

When the three men pulled him out, the situation looked dire, according to Frost:

“He was ash grey, he was dead. He was dead. So we pulled him out and the mom was just beside herself.”

It’s not an uncommon occurrence, especially on a busy holiday weekend when the sand is packed. At least 10 missing children calls were received that day in Newport alone, authorities said.

What started as a simple family reunion turned into a story of heroism for these three men.

Because of the Frost family, a young boy’s life was saved. This story is inspiring just to show how powerful small acts of kindness can be, as well as how important it is to pay close attention to your surroundings. Although the beach is fun for any family, make sure to be careful out there!

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