They Say It Is The Grossest Ice Cream Flavor Anyone Ever Came Up With…


There now exists in the world a Mac and Cheese-flavored ice cream, and it looks and sounds downright disgusting. Some say this was a “terrible idea,” while others claimed that Van Leeuwen’s Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ice Cream is somehow tasty in a weird way.

The NYC-based treat maker first unveiled this unconventional flavor back in July last year, when it was available for purchase online in the US before quickly selling out. Although Kraft describes their new mac and cheese flavored ice cream as the “ultimate summer treat,” people have turned to social media to express their disgust at the announcement of the new ice cream flavor and how they wish it would “melt in hell.”

Here’s what a Kraft spokesperson explained:

“To create the creamy treat, Van Leeuwen churned the familiar cheesiness of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese into their ice cream made with only a few ingredients. The result? A cool, creamy scoop of ice cream that brings that comforting, nostalgic feeling from a warm bowl of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.”

After it was released to the public, it quickly catches the attention of ice cream lovers who express their “disgust” at the new ice cream flavor and started a discussion about it.

“This food chimera needs to melt in hell,” one person wrote about Kraft’s new mac and cheese ice cream. Another wrote that Kraft and Van Leeuwen figured out “How to ruin ice cream.”

While some people on social media jumped at the chance to ridicule Kraft for their latest ice cream release, there were some also who wanted to give it an honest shot to see if it was any good or just disgusting.

“Delicious or disgusting? Only one way to find out…” one Twitter user wrote. Another quipped, “Kraft mac and cheese ice cream is a food fever dream come true.”

More details of DailyMail employees’ review of Van Leeuwen’s Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ice Cream via AWM:

Daily Mail purchased the bizarre ice cream flavor and asked their editors to taste it. While most people were worried they would be disgusted, the consensus seemed to be that the flavor sounded worse than it actually tasted.

“It was actually really good – very much like butterscotch toffee, with some salted caramel on top. The aftertaste, however, did leave some faint taste of mac-n-cheese, so overall, I’d definitely eat it again.”

Another staffer said, “The thought of mac and cheese ice cream initially seemed bizarre and quite unappealing. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. It somehow managed to taste both sweet and savory at the same time and was incredibly smooth and creamy. I’d definitely have it again.”

One editor suggested that the only way to taste the ice cream was to first “disengage their brains” so they can approach the new flavor with an open mind. People need to put “matter over mind” to force themselves to try the new Kraft flavor so they can make a judgment about the ice cream themselves.

“It was a case of matter over mind,” he said. “While my brain screamed ‘don’t be so disgusting’ as I contemplated the mac and cheese ice cream, I decided to let my mouth make the final call. And I am very glad I did. Creamy, delicious, and no doubt artery-clogging. The essence of good ice cream. Just disengage your brain before trying.”

While Daily Mail gave a solid review of the Mac and Cheese Ice Cream, I don’t think a lot of people will be following them in this new age of thinking, especially me. Now I’ve tried many weird foods on my journey, but I think I draw the line at this one. I’m from the South, and in these parts, we don’t take too kindly to our Mac and Cheese being turned into a frozen desert.

I could be wrong, but for now, I think I’m going to give the Mac and Cheese Ice Cream its distance.

Source: AWM