They’ve Developed A Disease Strain That Has An 80% KILL Rate….


Boston University scientists are recklessly endangering public health by creating an incredibly dangerous strain of COVID-19, one that could have catastrophic consequences if accidentally released.

These researchers have irresponsibly spent a fortune developing the lethal Omicron strain, which has an astonishing 80% mortality rate in mice. By combining the original COVID-19 strain from Wuhan, China, with the highly contagious Omicron variant, they have birthed a potential nightmare scenario for the United States.

These scientists claim to be exploring whether the “spike protein” in the Omicron variant, which makes it the most transmissible version of the virus, is also responsible for its milder effects on people. However, their findings have only proven that the new variant they’ve created is still incredibly deadly, showing that the spike protein is not the cause of the milder symptoms. This misguided experiment has only served to make a deadly virus even more dangerous.

The lab-created variant not only causes “severe disease” but also effectively evades vaccine-induced immunity, a combination that makes it a potentially devastating threat to the United States if it were to escape the Massachusetts laboratory. Israeli Government scientist Professor Shmuel Shapira has condemned these researchers for “playing with fire,” insisting that such experiments “should be totally forbidden!”

Conspiracy theorists have falsely claimed that the virus originating in Wuhan was lab-created, but this dangerous practice of gain-of-function research has been rightfully restricted in the United States since 2017, during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Dr. Richard Ebright, a chemist at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, spoke to the DailyMail about this alarming development, emphasizing the need for stronger oversight of potentially pandemic-causing research. He stated, “If we are to avoid a next lab-generated pandemic, it is imperative that oversight of enhanced potential pandemic pathogen research be strengthened.”

Boston University’s researchers collaborated with Florida scientists in their reckless pursuit to create an even more dangerous COVID-19 strain using the Omicron spike protein, which makes it highly contagious to humans. Although the Omicron mutation was not as deadly as the original Wuhan strain, which killed 100% of lab mice, the new strain has a concerning 80% mortality rate.

The scientists wrote in their yet-to-be-peer-reviewed report, “In…mice, while Omicron causes mild, non-fatal infection, the Omicron S-carrying virus inflicts severe disease with a mortality rate of 80 percent.” Dr. Ebright warned that this research is a prime example of gain-of-function research and enhanced potential pandemic pathogen (ePPP) research.

He further expressed his concerns, stating:

“It is especially concerning that this new US-government ePPP research – like the previous US-government ePPP research on chimeric SARS-related coronaviruses at Wuhan Institute of Virology that may have caused the pandemic – appears not to have undergone the prior risk-benefit review mandated under US-government policies.”

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It is clear that such dangerous experiments must be stopped immediately. We cannot afford to risk another pandemic due to irresponsible research practices. The government must step in and ensure that strict oversight is in place to prevent any further development of potentially catastrophic viruses. The lives of millions of Americans and people around the world are at stake, and we cannot stand idly by while scientists “play with fire.”

Sources: AWM