When Trump Got To Louisiana, A Reporter Noticed Something That Will Clinch The Election For Him!

SOURCE |  I am often forced when in political discussions with people of different political beliefs than myself to compare our current president to the one he succeeded. Boy, do we need somebody like George W. Bush right now by the way. That’s usually the point of my argument. You take a look at what happened on 9/11. It wasn’t even by the end of the afternoon that President Bush wanted to be back in DC to get to work on getting things set straight. The Secret Service had to convince him to go somewhere else for his own safety.

Within a couple of days I think it was, Bush was at ground zero talking to first responders. A guy like Obama, would probably wait a couple of weeks until the air quality improved so he wouldn’t have to go in there without running the risk of getting a nagging cough. I personally want a leader that is going to respond to a disaster as quickly as humanly possible. Not phone in their condolences, and certainly not wait until he’s finished with the back f***ing nine before doing something about it…

As we inch closer to the November presidential election, Republican candidate Donald Trump will have to appeal to more voters in order to defeat Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. One way he has adjusted his campaign to do so has been by acting and speaking more “presidential” — something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by voters or the media.


In fact, a reporter for LifeZette noted that by visiting flood-ravaged Louisiana this week, Trump was “playing the role of president,” especially considering that our actual president has not lifted a finger to help — or even address — the natural disaster victims. Trump and running mate Gov. Mike Pence landed in Louisiana Friday morning to gain a firsthand understanding of the state’s worst natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

As soon as the businessman-turned-politician stepped off of the plane, he shook hands with locals who met him on the tarmac.

However, it was his off-camera, behind-the-scenes actions that did an even better job at portraying him as an influential, caring leader.

Trump met privately with local families in the Baton Rouge area who had been impacted by the devastating flood waters.

“Trump is a businessman who knows for sure revitalization efforts,” Sharon Bell, who lost her home in the catastrophe, told LifeZette. “Why not have him visit?”

The GOP candidates also stopped by a Baptist church where a group of volunteers who had been cooking meals for flood victims and helping the elderly gut their homes were meeting.

This outreach to the victims of a natural disaster painted Trump in a light that some voters had never seen before, and it served as a positive contrast to the candidate who has been known to offend even those within his own party with his sometimes-harsh rhetoric.

It also further highlighted the fact that neither President Barack Obama nor Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had visited the area or met any one of the tens of thousands of people who have been forced out of their homes.


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  1. I would bet that he also gave extra financial help to some anonymously. He is very good at that.

  2. Like President of the United State, Donald Trump, visit Louisiana and a lot of people, and talk with them; but, WHERE WAS OUR GOLF-MAN, PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA; ANYWAY, HE IS PLANING GO THE TUESDAY IS COMING, WHEN EVERYTHING BE ( OK ) FOR HIM.=

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