UNBELIEVABLE: Hero Trump Supporter Saves Infant’s Life… But Watch What CNN Does To Him On Air


A retired New Jersey police officer is being hailed a hero after he saved a 4-month-old baby trapped inside a sweltering parked car by bashing a window open with a sledgehammer.

Steven Eckel, 53, said the baby girl was in distress Monday when he and another woman spotted her screaming in the backseat of a car in a shopping center’s parking lot. The car’s interior approached 130 degrees. “She was soaking wet, sweat all over her face and hair. She was screaming. Her eyes were rolling back. Just frantic, frantic,” Eckel told TIME on Wednesday.


But then something happened to Mazzone when the Donald J. Trump supporter appeared on the CNN-owned network HLN, wearing his “Trump 2016” t-shirt.



Here is Eckel wearing the same shirt as he is being interviewed outside his home by a local reporter, 2 hours later.


But his interview on HLN blurred out the shirt’s content, as if it contained some sick profanity or sexual content!

Unbelievable…even for the Clinton News Network.

Here is the entire interview, conducted over Skype, as it aired on HLN. This hero ex-cop did NOT deserve to be treated this way…


0 thoughts on “UNBELIEVABLE: Hero Trump Supporter Saves Infant’s Life… But Watch What CNN Does To Him On Air

  1. There are numerous reasons for and against the censor of his shirt. An up coming election is one. Company policy to block all political messages, or true censorship, we will probably not find out the truth. But IMHO it was not a personal dis to the officer, but more so a show of a lack of support for a presidential candidate. I suppose you could also consider the censorship of his right to free speech but it was printed on a shirt. Lots of arguments for both sides so I ask the media, why don’t you just report the news without showing a bias towards one view? Often enough the media makes a report as fact only to have to retract previous reports. In the old tv show and then movie Dragnet, as Sgt. Friday would say – just the facts please, just the facts.

  2. CNN is so bias ever since Trump GOP run. Anybody but Trump for CNN politics. But, the more they put down Trump and minuscule his political agenda, the more the public support his candidacy. His jamppacked campaign sorties in every and all states speak of his popularity and winning run for presidency come November election.

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