WELCOME TO OBAMA’S AMERICA! Woman With 15 Kids Says “The System” is Failing to Provide Enough for Her

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One of the disturbing signs of our times is the never ending supply of do-gooder politicians advocating government programs that relieve people of the necessity of working to provide their own livelihoods.

We all undestand that if you tax something, you get less of it, and if you subsidize something, you get more of it. That’s why liberals want to tax things they don’t like (like sugar, trans fats…… rich people) and subsidize things they like (such as solar energy). So why isn’t the logic any different when it comes to poverty? When you subsidize people to not work, you’ll get less work. When you incentivize fatherless childbirth with extra welfare benefits, you’ll get more illegitimate childbirths.

A recent story reported in Patriot Chronicle shows just how far we’ve fallen as a society when it comes to personal responsibility.

She says that “someone needs to be held accountable and they need to pay”. We would agree that someone needs to be held accountable. But unfortunately the person that needs to be held accountable is her for having 15 kids.

Liberals don’t want any restrictions on welfare. But there is simply no way we can tax the country enough to continuously provide for more and more people who refuse to have any type of personal responsibility.

You know whose responsibility it is to pay for those kids? Her own.

If we were to be “compassionate” and give people like this a helping hand, we’d only get people making such reckless decisions. When people pay for the costs of their actions, they make less mistakes. When the taxpayers are on the hook, what’s the point in being responsible when someone else will pay for your mistakes?

I can understand having an unexpected pregnancy – even (or especially) at a young age, but that doesn’t tend to be a repeat occurrence. This woman is nearly in her forties, and she’s made the same mistake fifteen times.

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0 thoughts on “WELCOME TO OBAMA’S AMERICA! Woman With 15 Kids Says “The System” is Failing to Provide Enough for Her

  1. STOP HAVING CHILDREN YOU WHORE, and i will not have to pay so much taxes for you, I can not afford 12 children.

  2. there should be a max cap on having kids welfare covers 3 if they have more than NO…don’t cover the rest…when a woman is on assistance she should get the depo shot and she pays for it if no shot no benefits…

  3. I can tell a man wrote this… not just her, the piece of shit dead beat fathers should also be held accountable, and go to jail if they don’t- just like she would go to jail if she refused to feed them or abandoned them, etc.
    No, it shouldn’t bethe government, but she didn’t make the babies on her own…
    Also, you have several typos… maybe check your work before posting your bs articles.

  4. Disgusting! tie her tubes, make her get a job…she probably thought that if she kept having kids she would get a free ride from the government….sadly she’s typical of a lot of nasty, lazy females who just want to use kids as a payday.

  5. What the hell? I don’t owe you a damn thing, someone needs to pay? You need to figure it out lady, and those poor children….😥

  6. Obama didn’t start the welfare system, nor will he end it before his end of term. Some people should learn personal responsibility and keeping their legs closed!

  7. That piece of shit thinks taxpayers should pay for her family. I hate the government because of all the stupid stuff they already stealing and it’s totally wrong that we have to pick up the slack for anyone. It’s disgusting and as mean as it sounds,she should be homeless and hungry. Forget section 8. ,they should make welfare buildings in every city and feed 3x a day in a cafeteria,and have to do chores to stay. Nevermind all the free living stolen from hard working people. Plus they would not be able to hide others, would be a safe place,save millions,and drug test. Don’t like it, GO! Either that or provide yourself. That woman is not even smart enough to raise kids.

  8. This is easy to stop, if you are on welfare and have another kid, you will receive less money, watch how fast they stop have kids they can’t afford.

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