What Employees Put On This Arby’s Sign Has The Whole Town Seeing Red…


Arby’s has apologized after the reader board at one of its Minnesota locations featured both a racial slur and a derogatory term for a prostitute.

The sign was the kind many restaurant chains use to advertise different things, one with customizable letters.

The photo that was being circulated Saturday morning on Facebook showed the sign saying “Now hiring” and listed a racial slur and a derogatory term for women.

Brooklyn Center police say they are aware of what happened and that one of their officers was driving by when she noticed the racial slur and derogatory term. She then took it upon herself to remove the words as the Arby’s was not open yet.

Police say they’ve since then spoken with the manager of the chain, and say the manager has requested extra patrols in the area.

The image was shared across social media with consumers demanding a response from the fast food chain.

Arby’s responded with a statement on Twitter explaining the sign had been “compromised” overnight and then apologized to all who saw it.

“Overnight, our reader board was compromised & someone put up a message that was extremely offensive. The message has since been taken down. We’re cooperating with local law enforcement officials & will take appropriate action against those involved,” the tweet said.

“We apologize to everyone exposed to that message,” the company wrote on Twitter.

A spokesperson for the Brooklyn Center Police Department confirmed that it is actively investigating the vandalism and that authorities do not believe Arby’s or any of its employees were involved.

No arrests have been made, and there are currently no suspects.

Watch the video below for more details:

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