What The Afghan Military Just Revealed About Biden Leaving Them Stranded Is Just Maddening!

To rescue the hundreds of Americans and thousands of SIV holders who have been stranded in Afghanistan, Emily Miller continues to lead efforts in the United States.

Emily shared a report from an Afghan member of the National Mission Brigade, a group of special forces trained by the US, on her Twitter feed on Monday. The man spent 11 years working for the US and is now stranded in Afghanistan. His life is now in jeopardy after the Biden administration allegedly left a “death list” for the Taliban. He waits for the Taliban to execute him and begs US private organizations to save him, knowing that Susan Rice and the Biden administration have abandoned him.

According to Emily from Thread Reader:

The man was in the National Mission Brigade (NMB) – which is the Afghanistan special forces that our guys trained. The best of the best. He sent a voice message to special forces friends in the US this morning. (thread- 1/?)

“Hello, brothers. This is X from Afghanistan, a guy who did work with US forces in Afghanistan for the last 11 years.” (2/?)

“I’m telling all Americans, all the people, all the politicians of USA: So, brothers, I’m stuck here in Afghanistan.” (3/?)

I did work for you guys. I served my country and also U.S. for a long time. So, now we are under threat of Taliban terrorist group who are armed with weapons.” (4/?)

Taliban “killed people in their homes, searched their homes…

We are under surveillance, so I didn’t sleep last night in my home. I went to my friend’s home because of their threats.

They killed one of my friends today who was working with NMB, Afghan Special Forces.” (5/?)

“The main reason that I am under surveillance is I did work for the U.S.

You guys left Afghanistan. You left us. So, what should I do?” (6/?)

“My U.S. friends helping me, they are stuck. The government does not let them to help us to get us out of Afghanistan.

What should we do, please? If you can do anything for us, do it. This is the time.” (7/?)

“It is not hard for [the Taliban] to find us. If we hide for one day or two days, we can hide. But on the third day, they can reach us. They can kill us.

f you can help, this is the time. Please help us. Thanks, brothers.”

– Afghanistan special forces trained by US (8/8)

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