What The Kyle Rittenhouse Judge Just Did Has Liberals In A Total Meltdown!


The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot two people and injured another during the riots in Kenosha, Wisc last August – is going badly for the prosecution, which accused Rittenhouse of murder and illegal possession of a dangerous weapon.

Kyle Rittenhouse taking a stand during his murder trial made headlines for more than just his weeping and Judge Bruce Schroeder’s heated admonishment of the prosecution. Rittenhouse’s highly anticipated testimony was temporarily interrupted when the judge’s cell phone rang.

And now, the Dems who support the convicted pedophile and convicted woman abuser who Kyle shot and killed in self-defense, claimed that the Judge is “Biased.” A tweet from a former CBS journalist is one of the examples that the Dems are not interested in “facts,” they are violent and hateful.

According to David Leavitt:

“Kyle Rittenhouse is a worthless piece of shit who belongs to rot behind bars for the rest if his miserable fucking life.”

Rittenhouse, who has killed two and wounded a third during a protest over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, is pleading self-defense. The judge’s cell phone rang soon after the lunch break. Although it was not immediately clear as to whose phone rang, the ringtone reverberated through the courtroom and when the camera panned over to Judge Schroeder, he appeared to be silencing his cellphone. The moment would not have been worth remembering and would have been quickly forgotten if the ringtone did not turn out to be Lee Greenwood’s patriotic anthem ‘God Bless the USA’, which was made famous by former President Donald Trump, who always walked out to the theme at his rallies.

Ha ha ha the left is popping blood vessels over this one, but everyone else is having a chuckle over it.

Here are some comments from the folks online:

“He needs to be removed NOW!”

“OMG that’s Trump’s theme song, get rid of this judge!!!!

“He supports Trump, he’s disqualified! Kick him off this trial.”

“This is against everything in the constitution”

“Trump hand picked this judge to free his follower. how can this be America?”

how is this judge not arrested by now?”

“Lock this judge up in a cell next to Kyle RIGHT NOW!!!”


I guess nowadays it’s considered “biased” if you’re patriotic and love your country.

As the trial appears to be winding down, here’s a quick message from inside the courtroom:

“A quick jury update in the #Rittenhouse trial: There’s a few that seem to be unattentive, no longer focused on the testimony. Several are leaned back with their legs and arms crossed. Almost everyone has stopped taking notes.”

Pray for Kyle.

He needs us now more than ever.

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