What The Mayo Clinic Just Said About Kids And COVID Is Absolutely…


The medical community’s overreactions toward COVID with Children mostly play the major effects on them not due to the coronavirus itself.

Before the pandemic started, people have high respect for the US medical community, but since COVID-19 started they start to follow only orders that they were told and no longer looked at the facts and data. This made a lot of people lose respect and trust in the medical community.

I mean who could blame them?

A lot of doctors around the country are like this, they are pushing their clients to take the vaccine while telling them that not taking the COVID vaccine is like “riding a bike without a helmet”. Despite the fact of how dangerous COVID vaccines are. It’s no longer new to hear news reporting how people were dying from the vaccine and witnessing a lot of people losing their jobs just because they said No to these jabs. This is absolutely alarming.

And one of the most neglected members of society when it comes to the COVID-19 effects is the children. We already knew since the start of the pandemic that the disease was not killing children and those who were affected the most were the elderly and sickly with comorbidities. Still, nothing has changed.

Knowing that children are not dying from the disease made a lot of people ask why children were kept home from school or made them wear masks when in public?

In a statement, the Mayo Clinic responded to these obvious questions as they released information stating that “COVID is affecting kids”. 

But their released argument only proved that they have the most significant negative impacts on children and not COVID itself.  Yet they walk around this and don’t address it.

The clinic started the statement by pushing the vaccine on children:

One of the most common questions parents ask Dr. Ameenuddin is whether children really need to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

“What I’ve stressed to them is that we’ve actually gotten a lot of good information over the past couple of years (about COVID-19’s effects on children), especially the last year, that the vaccines are incredibly effective in preventing very severe side effects,” says Dr. Ameenuddin.

One particular rare and serious side effect of COVID-19 is multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C. Dr. Ameenuddin says among those who have gotten multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, almost all were unvaccinated.

“Vaccination, even if a child still gets sick, makes them much less likely to be sick enough to be hospitalized or die, which, unfortunately, has been happening.”

There is still other information that Mayo Clinic failed to share. Given the fact that a lot of medical communities are reported getting paid by Big Pharma for their COVID-related responses which Mayo Clinic didn’t include in their report.

The reasons that the clinic provided for giving children the vaccine were so bizarre. After reasoning out they then started to jump to the negative side effects that children are suffering from, but what they mentioned were all not COVID related but only connected to the medical community.

Watch it here: Mayo Clinic/Youtube

Source: The Gateway Pundit