What This Teacher Got Charged With Doing In Front Of Her Class Is Absolutely Sickening…


Most of us will agree that parents and teachers play a huge role in shaping a child’s life. They shoulder the responsibility of molding an impressional kid’s mind and guide him towards a good path. However, one substitute from Georgia couldn’t care any less about her students when her boyfriend had a special request.

According to New York Post, 30-year-old Amelia Ressler allegedly pleasured herself in a classroom filled with second graders. What’s worse, her 32-year-old boyfriend Matthew Vadovsky apparently persuaded her to do so despite knowing that she was around kids.

Amelia filmed herself performing the act while in the classroom at Mt. Zion Elementary School. After performing the lewd act, Amelia uploaded it online.

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Ashley Hulsey revealed that Amelia didn’t even try to hide. She told the local news:

“Where she was sitting, it wasn’t like it was a closed desk, and [the kids] couldn’t look up and visually see what she was doing at the time.”

It was relatively easy to get to the video of this bizarre incident since Ressler posted the 13-second-long masturbation video on Snapchat, which later went viral. Husley further commented:

“We obtained video evidence because she videoed it herself and disseminated it, and we were able to get ahold of that evidence.”

Yet, it’s not entirely clear whether the children managed to see what was going on and, furthermore, whether they understood what they were watching during their class.

As Husley explained:

“It’s one of these things the kids are going through that they shouldn’t. The mental anguish that it’s causing these children and parents, that was our drive behind working this case, getting it down quickly, getting her to put in jail as quickly as possible.”

Deputies arrested Amelia and charged the Carrollton teacher with 19 counts of child molestation. The sheriff’s office made a statement on Facebook, confirming the arrest:

“We appreciate the dedication Carroll County Schools has for the safety of their students as they are working diligently to communicate with all parents of students affected.”

“We will continue to work closely with them during the remainder of the investigation.”

The woman’s in prison at the moment, and no bond has been set. For now, Amelia remains in the Carroll County Jail.

It’s unclear whether the now-former teacher ever expressed such disturbing behavior before this incident. We just hope that the children weren’t scared for life.

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