What This Welfare Queen Is Demanding So She’ll Stop Having Kids Is Ridiculous!


A young single mom of seven says that she’ll stop getting pregnant only if the government will give her demand that has spurred international controversy. In fact, she doesn’t take birth control or use contraceptives and she continues to be sexually active.

Pamela Villarruel from Argentina was only 14-years-old when she gave birth to her first child, a son. Not long after, the father of her child forsaken them. But it wasn’t long before Pamela was pregnant against and this time with triplet girls. The father of her child beat her frequently, so her family made him leave for her safety and the sake of the babies.

According to The Sunday Times, when she reached 17, she had a total of seven kids, birthing all of them in only three deliveries. The first pregnancy produced one baby, the next two resulted in triplet girls, all healthy and thriving,

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Unfortunately, Pamela declined to identify the father of her second set of triplets, ensuring that she raises all seven of her children without their fathers.

Predictably, as a very young, single mother to over half-a-dozen children, Pamela is dependent on others for her essentials. She already depends on her mother and the public to foot the bill for her children, Pamela has one more demand for taxpayers that have stimulated international debate.

Pamela says that she will only stop getting pregnant if the taxpayers’ fund surgery to have her tubes tied. Magdalena, Pamela’s mother has prompted the campaign to get her daughter free surgery since she is also swamped by having to take care of her 7 grandchildren. The worst part is all of the kids are just months to a couple of years apart only.

Currently, Pamela and her 7 kids live at her parents’ home in Leones and only rely on her family and handouts to meet their needs. Aside from taking good care of her grandchildren, Magdalena works full time as a house cleaner in order to make ends meet.

Pamela hopes that she can raise enough money to fund the operation, making sure that she will never have children again. However, she doesn’t take birth control or use contraceptives and she is still sexually active.

The Argentinian government has rejected Magdalena’s request, declaring that the procedure cannot be performed on a minor. As for this 17-year-old mother, she will have to get through another year of her life without becoming pregnant again. But it seems very far-fetched due to her history.

This case has provoked debate and controversy. Although some are shocked that she and her family would insist on taxpayer-funded surgery to solve an issue they personally created, others feel that Pamela is too young to face such extreme repercussions and should be afforded birth control.

Even though there are some who are against them, others still support a taxpayer-funded operation if it will stop Pamela and her family from further burdening the welfare system.

Pamela has acquired the impact of the public’s criticism for her life choices, we can still all admit that the fathers of her children must be held responsible too. Currently, only time can tell if this young mother continues this disastrous path that not only hampers herself but the lives of these novice children.

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